Monday, September 6, 2010

Multitude Monday

452. anniversary cards

453. Chili dogs at the Varsity

454. the fantastic news that I am going to be a great-aunt again! Looking forward to 4-9-2011.

455. lots of hugs from Allen (maybe he's missed me just a little bit too)

456. watching Amy's "inner MaMa" explode into a crochet frenzy (MaMa was my grandmother and her crochet ability skipped 2 generations and is oozing out of Amy)

457. sleeping late in GA

458. lots of ribs smoked on the grill

459. good sermons

460. safety while traveling

461. new Bibles (Greg & I bought Bibles for our anniversary)

462. the desire to learn more from God's word

463. our very pregnant, waddling chihuahua

464. a last minute, before we left town trip to JoAnn's

465. coupons for fabric that made everything I bought 60% off

466. hugs from my neices and nephews in GA ~ just didn't see 1

467. finishing the Max Lucado book ~ now to write the review

468. cooler nights

469. cucumbers and okra that are still producing

470. 5 awesome, wonderful, blessed years with my Prince Charming!
I love you Greg!

1 comment:

  1. Sounds like you have been showered with blessings, sure 'nough! And your cukes and okra are STILL producing? WOW! ~Liz


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