Thursday, September 2, 2010


I made it safely to Starkville this morning to pick up Greg from his meeting. I've been to Starkville a number of times...but never driven and honestly didn't pay much attention when Greg drove. I was always too busy cross stitching! Greg had me a map printed out of where to go when I got on the MSU campus and we found the building quickly. He was able to skip out of his meetings and we headed to GA.

It took about an hour to get to Tuscaloosa, Al. We started listening to a Paul Washer sermon from Sermon Audio and he preached his way across Alabama. It was very good and gave us alot more to think about.

We pulled up into Mom's driveway and Allen was cleaning out his car. I got the first of many, many hugs from him. He argued and griped about them, but I still got them! Man, I have missed that boy. He seems to be doing good and this is working out well, so far for him. He graced us with his presence for dinner and kept us entertained (did I mention I have missed him?)

Tomorrow is an extra special, wonderful day. 5 years ago tomorrow is mine & Greg's 5th anniversary! I don't know what all we are doing, but going out to dinner with Mom, Allen, Katie, Will, and Amy is tomorrow night! He is off till Tuesday morning so spending 4 days with him will be a great treat!

Good night All!


  1. So happy for you! Tell Alan hey from us and enjoy every minute with him!

    Congratulations on tomorrow. For you two to have found each other and love again after tragedy is a beautiful love story and a testiment to miracles.

  2. Glad Allen is doing well. Congrats on making 5 years with my brother. That is no small miracle. We all love you and thank the Lord you are in our lives.


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