Friday, September 17, 2010

I'm Ready!

I love my fall decorations! My pumpkins, scarecrows, Pilgrim people, Indians, sunflowers, fall leaves, etc. To me, the fall colors and decorations reflect warm, fuzzy, cozy family times. Hot chocolate, spice tea, popcorn, chili and football. Did you know you can "hear" fall? Walk through fallen leaves, that crunch underfoot spells fall for me!

Halloween for many is church carnivals, little ones dressed up like princesses or cowboys, playing games to get candy and good clean fun. My children love to carve or paint funny pumpkin faces and take pictures of their creations. They love candy and special treats. Even though they are 14-17, they still have fun with this time of year.

However there is something that I don't like about this beautiful time of year. I do have a problem with the darker side of the season. Ghosts, witches, graveyards, etc. I don't like anything that celebrates witches, warlocks, or evil. Unfortunately lots of the world embraces these dark symbols and little ones will walk around on Halloween dressed up as Harry Potter, little witches with pointy hats, devils, etc. I don't want anything to do with that. I don't like the books, the movies, the rides at amusement parks.

Honestly, even going to alternative get togethers is celebrating the holiday. To me, giving our children a fun, safe, time with friends to play and eat goodies is a way for them to enjoy and otherwise dark time of year.

I know all winter I talked about being excited about spring and summer. And we were thrilled when it got here. Lots of cookouts, pool parties, sunburns, and high temps. These temps were over the 100 degree mark many days in a row. The garden flourished and we have gotten a boatload of cucumbers and okra (still producing). But, I think the Lord forgot to turn the page on his heavenly calendar....its September! The last 3 days here in central Miss. have been 96-98 degrees. We did have a teaser week of mid 80's but it quickly gave way to the mid to upper 90's. So, I think today I will get James to climb into the attic and "fetch" down my fall decorations. At least I can look at them and "think" cooler weather!

The official first day of fall is Sept. birthday!

Happy Fall Y'all


  1. Great post - my thoughts exactly!!! Happy Fall Y'all!

  2. You said it! And everything will look so pretty when you get through decorating. I'll see it Monday!

    I'm ready, too. Hoping for a little bit of fall in Atlanta this weekend.

  3. It just doesn't seem right to put out fall decorations and then go to the back yard and get in the pool, that is weird.

  4. I love fall! Your decorations are beautiful. I hope you don't mind if I "steal" your idea. I'd love to put my pics on my blog as well.
    Have a great weekend!


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