Thursday, September 16, 2010

Happy & Tired Thursday

We are all totally thrilled that we get to stay home today! ALL day! We will get school work done, laundry done, and lots of reading & sewing done. Maybe even watch a movie or Waltons episode. So here is why we are so thrilled to stay home and so tired.

Yesterday started bright and early. We had the car packed for the day and were out of the house by 9AM. First stop was the bank for a deposit (finally got a tax refund we have been waiting for!) and then drove down to Richland for the girls sewing class.
In the class, the girls made a tote/purse bag, that they can enter in the fair. They all turned out beautiful and unique...just like our girls. I think this is also a project that everyone got mostly done in the 2 hours. Most only had sewing up the opening when the bag was turned left to do. I was the official "ironer" for all the staps and pockets. Amy & Katie want to get some cutesy trim for the top of their bags before they put them in the fair. And, of course, now I want to make one. I swiped some brightly colored checked upholstery fabric out of Mom's closet a couple of months ago and it would be perfect for this bag. (Mom hasn't sewn in forever and she gave my sister and I most of her fabric stash. And since this roll of upholstery fabric is almost as tall as me, she does know that I took it!)

After sewing class, we drove back to Brandon and stopped by our local Wendy's for lunch from the Super Value Menu (yum). Not tremendously healthy on the healthy scale but it was quick and relatively inexpensive for 4 people. We then proceeded to church to start cooking the Wed. night dinner. They've never done this on Wed. before and want to offer this once a month & asked us to cook. Last nights menu was spaghetti with meat sauce, broccoli salad and rolls. Dessert was ice cream & 2 cakes (the cakes were homemade by 2 ladies in the church, super yummy!) Everyone loved the meal ~ we served about 80 folks ~ and my piggies will love the scrappings that we collected off partially eaten kids plates. We also had enough leftover to send to a friend of ours who is daily caring for her parents & grandmother. She won't have to cook dinner tonight. And will have plenty of leftovers!

Now I want to brag about Katie, Will & Amy for a moment or 2. They loaded and unloaded the car of all the stuff we needed for sewing and cooking. In the 2 hours from 1-3 at the church, they helped get the spaghetti sauce made and put in the oven to cook over the afternoon, prepped 24 pounds of broccoli for the salad (trimming each piece of extra stem parts), made 5 gallons of sweet tea and 3 gallons of lemonade. Then K & A got to their jazz class, just a minute or 2 late. Will and I went home for 30 minutes and he unloaded all the sewing supplies from the van for me. Ran by Kroger for gas for my van and the rolls for dinner, picked the girls up and back to the church. Next was having everything ready to serve by 5:10. And it was done!!!!! Greg got off work an hour early and he got the gas into my van and the noodles cooked for the dinner. He was also the "muscles" that got the heavy pans to the carts to get to the other building for serving. The church had arranged for others to serve the food, so we got to sit down and eat.

Last night, also started the new Discipleship classes and Greg & I are leading one. Really he is leading it, I'm just there. We had 8 families represented in the class and it looks like its gonna be a good, learning time. We are using "Managing Our Finances God's Way". Its a DVD format with small group discussions at the end of the session. This is a new book to us, so it will be interesting to see and listen to each session. Crown Financial Concepts, Ron Blue, and Chip Ingram will be among the "experts" teaching us on the DVD every week. Did you know that there are 2,350 scriptures concerning money and possessions in the Bible? This is obviously an important topic to the Lord. Its all about accountability, management of whatever amount the Lord provides you with, how willing you are to share what you have, and your attitudes about money. The throw in some budgeting, and tithing, etc. and life gets interesting!

When we got home, we collapsed. Amy went to bed right after her shower, about 8:15. The rest of us watched the first episode of Survivor and then went to our beds. Yeah for sleep.

I didn't want to get up this morning but Today is another day!
At least it will be an at home day!

Ad did ya notice the little countdown on the top of the blog? 100 Days till Christmas!


  1. Running around everyday is overrated, staying home is the way to go!

    We're home all day today, also. That spaghetti sounds yummy, but the broccoli salad . . . yum.

    Rest some, sister!

  2. I love broccoli salad, but I am glad I didn't have to make that much of it!

    I agree with Marie ... running around is overrated. We've been doing it too much lately, but we have nothing on our calendar for next week! Yay!

    I hope you enjoy your day!

  3. Enjoy your day at home. You all worked hard and deserve it.

  4. I really don't believe that you were "just there" at the class. Loving and respecting your husband is a tremendous witness these days when there is so little of it. I'd say you were REALLY there! ~Liz

  5. Enjoying your blog. I was born and raised in Central MS (Attala County) but have lived all over the country for the past 21 years (hubby is Navy). Anyway, you just can't beat a "Mississippi Mama" :)
    Have a wonderful, relaxing day.


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