Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Daybook 9-14-10

Well, my pictures will be first since blogger is not cooperating...Above is Hershey our "gonna have puppies sometime next week chihuahua"
Below is my cross stitch I have been working on for months!
Framing it is next on the agenda!

And now for my Daybook!

For today... right now its sunny and 59 degrees (a hint of fall), however in a couple of hours it will be hot and humid again...we have been having highs in the mid 90's again

I am thinking...that my "to do" list is really long today

I am thankful for...our family home and our church home

From the learning rooms...Algebra, language, bible reading, starting Anatomy in Biology, starting to read about Jamestown in History

From the kitchen...I need to brown all the ground beef for tomorrow nights church spaghetti dinner, we may end up with loaded baked potatoes tonight for dinner

I am wearing...clothes!

I am creating...Christmas gifts and finishing projects for the state fair. Sunday night I finished my "Donna's Kitchen" cross stitch!

I am going...to dance, to buy a tag for the RV, to Kroger, to Sams

I am reading...Exodus in the Bible and "The Great Physicians RX for Health & Wellness" by Jordan Rubin

I am hoping...for a successful 1st Wed. night church dinner tomorrow night

I am hearing...cars drive, the ceiling fan, the kids going in and out taking care of the dogs & chickens

Around the house...school, cooking, reading

One of my favorite things...planning for a vacation with my dear husband (kids get to stay with Granny!)

A few things for the rest of the week...sewing class, cooking Wed. night dinner, new Bible Study class on Finances Greg & I start tomorrow night, spending time together as a family

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  1. Enjoyed meeting you today via Daybook, Donna :-)
    Did you sew the quilt your cross-stitch is laying on? Both look very nice!

  2. I am glad to know that the problem with blogger and pictures isn't just me!

    Y'all sure do like spaghetti at your church! ;-)

    I hope you have a great week!

  3. Hershey looks miserable and your cross-stitch looks great!!

  4. Thanks Melanie! Yes, I did the quilt the cross stitch is laying on. Its a Trip Around the World quilt in 2 of my favorite colors...yellow and lavendar.

  5. Jennifer, I guess they picked spaghetti for the 1st Wed. since they knew we could cook that! It sure is an easy dinner to cook for a crowd.

  6. It will be interesting to find out how many puppies Hershey is carrying. Your cross stitch is lovely.


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