Monday, September 13, 2010

What is it with People?

What is it with folks and the internet? Why do people think they can say things, criticize you, ridicule your lifestyle, and joke at your expense? Do people feel safer or braver online?

I have many "friends" on the internet that I don't agree totally with their way of doing things. They have different methods of dress, hair style, makeup or no makeup, homeschool or public school or private school, etc. But I don't get on their blog or facebook page and ridicule them. If they're making decisions that are bad for them, I will pray for them. Many times I read stuff that makes me wonder and I will pray for my own understanding. Sometimes my decisions and beliefs have been challenged and after praying about it, seeking the Lords guidance & talking with Greg ~ I have changed my mind.

I have removed comments from the blog and hidden people on FB for reasons personal to me. I really don't need to be continually questioned, made fun of, or told "I am sheltering my children, too much". I also hid a bunch of folks I went to highschool with. We are all 50+ years old, lets act like it.

I am totally thrilled, perfectly happy & content in my life. I love my husband and 7 children. I am a devoted follower of Jesus Christ. I pray continually for my friends, acquaintances, and family members. I am very conservative in my political views and strongly believe in less government. I am pro-life and believe that every life is valuable. (A womans right to chose ends when she chooses not to use birth control)

I would love to live on a farm. We have pigs, chickens and dogs right now. I would like to add more critters to the menagerie. I love my garden and growing good food for my family. We grind our wheat, bake our bread, and enjoy the "fruits of our labor". We cook most things from scratch and try not to rely on convenience foods too much.

I love to sew, quilt, smock, and cross stitch. I rarely sit in front of a tv without cross stitching (ask my kids and hubby). I like to learn new things and share with others.

I love to read. I like to read "fuzzy, warm, feel good books" , inspirational books, how to books, nutritional books, homeschool books, cookbooks. My current goal is to read the entire Bible, cover to cover, in one year. Something I have never done and I want to.

I love to "visit" other blogs and read about their days, their struggles, their triumphs, their recipes, etc. There are some awesome women out there sharing their lives. Sometimes, things will be shared that I comment about, maybe I am going through the same thing, or I offer to pray, or they inspired me, or made me laugh or made me ponder.

Thats me.

I'm far from perfect. I struggle daily. I rely on the Lord constantly.


  1. oh but dear one, you are precious just as Christ has created you to be. You are quite an encourager and a wonderfully woman of God :) be blessed! I know you always bless me!

  2. Well said daughter Donna!!!

  3. I don't know what is with people (and I've had many opportunities to wonder!), but you sound like a very nice person. Just delete the stinkers and keep writing. You always have something very encouraging to share. ~Liz

  4. I relate to this post on so many levels! From how you described yourself, we seem to be a lot alike. That's me too. Hang in there - and keep your head up. You know what's right for you, and that is all that matters. :)

  5. Donna, I'm sorry you got attacked in whatever venue. I have realized how hard it can be to be "on the fringe" in your personal life choices. Some people just get offended. But those same people don't stop to think how horrible it would feel to be questionned and belittled -- they are part of the "herd", so they're not worried about being out on a limb all alone. I'm glad you've taken steps to guard yourself. There are many reasons why I don't even have a facebook -- one of them being that the things I saw people saying to and about each other really cut me sometimes and I didn't want to see it anymore, and even worse so, I found myself tempted to say things I shouldn't sometimes. There are other reasons too, but I won't list them all here. I know fb is a good tool for a lot of people but the potential bad far outweighed the good. I dread the day that the kids are old enough to have something like fb and I have to get one again to "police" it... Anyway, I hope you find comfort in Christ from the wounds that this world can inflict. It's a hard place.

  6. I don't know what happened, but I'm praying for you. There is only one thing that people who love each other should do for one another, and that is support.

    I support you, sister. And believe in your choices. They're excellent ones.

  7. Gee, thanks everyone! I just had to vent. Please know that I appreciate each of you! And it took awhile for your comments to appear cause I just figured out how to publish them!


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