Monday, July 19, 2010

Its Official...I Don't know how this Happened...

Well, its official...I don't know how it happened...I am not a mall person anymore. When my boys were little, we like to go to the mall and just walk around. Maybe buy a coke or a cookie, but just get out of the house and hang out. I could spend hours there but not anymore. I've become my Dad, walk in, get what you came for and walk out. Its scary.

Maybe its the crowds: I hate them (however, I will put up with them at Disney!) . Maybe its the people: I don't care about your phone conversations, or care to smell your stinky perfume, or want to see your body that your Mom didn't tell you to cover up, or see your multiple body piercings, or hear your bad, nasty language. Maybe its the stores: the window displays are too suggestive and the sales people are pushy. Maybe its the kiosks: I don't want a massage, I don't want to tell you who my cell phone company is, I don't want to tell you what I use to style my hair, etc.

There are only 2 advantages I saw today to going to a mall....1. it was air conditioned 2. it had a Chick Fil A. Thats it, the only 2 reasons we even stayed an hour. Thank you Lord for Chick Fil A's sweet was welcomed and yummy!

OR just maybe its because I like living in the country (Miss.), maybe I like to hang onto my money, maybe I've got better things to do with my time, maybe I'm becoming a home body, or maybe its all of the above.

Yes, I will still go to Mall of GA when we are in Atlanta...Amy loves it. But we can go into some fun stores there like Disney, Build a Bear, & Hallmark.


  1. I am on board with you, especially paragraph 2! I cannot stand to go, cannot stand to be pushed around and subjected to what I just don't want to see and hear, cannot stand watching people in debt sink further in debt over what they do not need. Just don't like it at all. I'm a huge internet shopper at Christmas, if I haven't already bought things year round as they stand out to me on the shelves...

  2. I have not been to an enclosed mall in over two years and not been to a strip one since Christmas. The girls took Max to Northpark a couple of weeks ago and they laughed and laughed because he walked in and looked around and said, "Wow, ook at tis pace." He didn't even know what it was or that something could be so big.

    It's all of the reasons you listed. Put I love the part about your mama not teaching you to cover yourself up!

  3. I think the reason I like the strip malls better these days is because I can avoid walking by the stores that I find offensive!

    We don't do any mall very often anymore either ... I have learned that going and looking at things just makes me want things I do not need and cannot afford.

  4. I am so with you Donna. It isn't even a desire to go anymore - hasn't been since my oldest was about 2 years old. My husband used to work in the barbershop at the mall and we would go all the time to go see him. Once he quit, though, we have rarely been back. He went up to Northpark a couple of weeks ago and was shocked by the displays and advertisements throughout the place. He said that Bath & Body Works had a huge display of a nude woman in their store. Can you believe that?! Yes, I will keep my children out of that place, thank you very much! Yes, I will shelter my children from the filth of this world. Yes, I will teach my girls that modesty is a good and respectable thing. Yes, I can survive without the mall :)


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