Monday, July 19, 2010

Multitude Monday 261-290

261. Rain on the garden

262. the blessing of electricity

263. a handy, fix it guy husband

264. fresh vegetables

265. quiet

266. preservation of Presidential homes

267. internet at hotels

268. the joy and blessing of visiting the Creation Museum yesterday in Kentucky

269. value meal pricing at restaurants

270. a husband who indulges my love of books & buys them for me

271. new bookcases for the books!

272. fellowshipping with "like-minded" families

273. jelly beans

274. school supplies at stores

275. cell phones to talk to my children who don't live at home

276. hearing yes ma'am & no ma'am (or sir)

277. teenage boys who open and hold doors for anyone

278. new convictions from the Lord (and reminders of past convictions we still need to work on)

279. sealed, beautiful jars of peach jelly (25 pints)

280. Grape jam that still isn't totally jelled even though I re-did it (tastes great though)

281. Completed application of our business license, now to get approved

282. growing pigs

283. cross stitch patterns

284. glasses to wear while stitching

285. prayers answered

286. A loving Heavenly Father who hears our prayers

287. safety while traveling

288. a GPS that sometimes gets us where we need to be (& sometimes it doesn't)

289. traditional hymns

290. exploring new places


  1. If you get lost I'll direct you back home! Miss you!

    Have a great time!

  2. 289. Amen, amen! I love the words of traditional hymns -- from a time where suffering was a lot more than the power going off for a day or so or the Post Office being closed on a holiday and us not realizing it. They are just so meaningful...


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