Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Outside my window... I am looking at the hotel lobby, we are at the Plaza Hotel in downtown Indianapolis

I am thinking... how thankful I am for my queen bed at home because this double bed isn't comfortable

I am thankful for... quiet times with my family

From the learning rooms... Will is working on a puzzle book, Amy is reading a Beverly Lewis Book and Katie is working on her Memory work for College Plus

From the kitchen... microwave meals for lunch in our hotel room (or dinner leftovers from The Cheesecake Factory) and dinner out tonight

I am wearing... black capris, purple blouse, sandals

I am creating... still working on "Donna's Kitchen" cross stitch...I've completed the CHEN in kitchen. I ran out of my red thread and we found a Hobby Lobby last night up here, as I jumped out of the car, the lady at the door said "we closed" when I told her I only needed 6 skeins of floss, she let me in! Thanks kind lady at hobby lobby, now I can finish my T and move on to the I.

I am going... swimming in the hotel pool with my children this afternoon

I am reading... "The Longing" by Beverly Lewis, I am almost at the end. Then I will start the 2 books I got at the Creation Museum; one by Voddie Bauchaum and one by Ken Hamm.

I am hoping... we have a peaceful, safe drive home tomorrow.

I am hearing... Believe it or not, the rumble of train cars. Our hotel is the original Union Station in the United States and even though they turned it into a hotel, its still a working station. Its kind of weird to lay in the bed and hear the rumble of the trains.

Around the house... James went to Big Lots and bought us some bookcases for our room and one for Amy's room. We are going to be sorting books and rearranging her room. Our books will now have more room to live, instead of stacked up everywhere.

One of my favorite things... sleeping late

A few plans for the rest of the week: driving home, doing laundry, adding roosting places and nesting boxes to the chicken coop, church and bible study.

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  1. Sleeping late - definitely one of my favorite things too!!

  2. Which Voddie Baucham book? I want a review when you're done! He is so good...

  3. I love how you keep your blog so real. There's no blog-facade and you really connect with the reader. I can't wait to hear how things progress.


  4. Katie, I am reading Family Driven Faith. Its great but very convicting about what we have not done biblically with our older boys. I've also read What he Wants to be to Marry My Daughter. both are great.

  5. Daniel and I have been slowly reading through Family Driven Faith together. You're right that it's incredibly convicting. I hope you don't feel too bad about what you did or didn't do with your boys. As I read, I am constantly amazed at what the church is not teaching! We could be doing such a much better job of showing what family should be but we're really creating a "please all" environment that affirms those who are putting family last. What are we supposed to do when that is the popular message?

  6. I enjoyed your daybook post...we eat many meals in our room when traveling..I think it is wonderful that all of the children were reading..and I got a kick out of the last minute visit to Hobby Lobby..I think all of us are like that when we're in the middle of a project and run out of necessities. Have a great week, I'll check for a newer post.
    Mama Bear


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