Thursday, July 22, 2010

Home Sweet Home

We are thrilled to be back home. 2 trips, a week apart, with hundreds of miles to drive is almost too much. I am glad to be back where the tea is SWEET, the vegetables are COOKED and the dialect is SOUTHERN. Tomorrow we get to see all our Keepers friends and have a good time with them.

We went to "The Hermitage" which is President Andrew Jackson's home in Nashville, TN. The house is beautiful and we enjoyed a nice stroll through the gardens. However, I didn't like the tour guide we got because he was kind of hummmmm....uppity. He took great pleasure in explaining to us "peons" that this was the best, nicest preserved, most historically correct home of all the early Presidents. Now, it was nice but I've been to Washington's, Jefferson's, and Adams homes in the last 4 years and his was not any more special than theirs was. The man is entitled to his opinion but I hope he didn't discourage any of the people touring the home to not go to the other homes. And if you haven't been to Quincy, Mass., Adams home is great and his family Presidential library is incredible (just my opinion). We've been to James K. Polks home also and this week saw Benjamin Harrisons home (was after hours, so we just walked around the outside of Harrisons).

On Sunday, after breakfast, we drove around Louisville, KY. We saw where the Kentucky Derby is held, a home where Thomas Edison lived, and the Louisville Slugger museum. Then we drove to northern Kentucky to find the Creation Museum. Its not a cheap entry fee but it was great! We all loved it and spent lots of time watching their videos explaining different phenomenons. We came, we saw and we believe...of course, we believed before we got there! It is definately a homeschool feildtrip worth taking! And then the bookstore...I bought 3 books, and could have bought more, but I showed great self restraint. Maybe we will get back up there sometime!

Today, we get to wash all the laundry that accumulated on our trip. And I can reclaim my house. They boys did a pretty good job getting it cleaned up, but not like I would. There are cucumbers to be picked, squash plants to be pulled up, trees to be watered, chickens to be taken care of, a menu to be written, groceries to be bought and a pool to be swam in. Plus 3 dogs that are thrilled we are back.


  1. A husband is also thrilled to be back home for a while.


  2. Hey,
    Glad you had a great trip!
    We go to the beach a week from Sat. and are counting the days.
    I need to pull up my squash too. What are you going to plant in their place?

  3. welcome back home. The Creation Museum sounds neat.

  4. Hey Bonnie, Have fun at the beach! I'll be there with you in spirit! The kids just planted pumpkin seeds, we will see what happens.

    Sabrina, Y'all would love the museum! Lots of displays, interactive stuff, fossils, dinosaurs, etc. Mine loved it!

  5. The creation museum is definitely on our "to do" list for when the kids get a little older. Glad y'all had a good trip ... we'll see you at Keepers.


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