Friday, July 23, 2010

I just received a blog award! Thanks Jennifer at Paying for my Raising! So now I get to spread some Sunshine to other folks...but, Jennifer already sent it to Marie, Katie, Stephanie, and Betsy, (our own Miss. blogging group!) so while I love all you gals and faithfully read your blogs...I am sending it to a couple of other folks who make my day! I have never met these folks and linked to their blogs through through many rabbit trails on the internet...

So I am presenting the Sunshine Blog award to ...

Tiki Travelers & Their Little Dog too*
Our Plain & Simple Life
Big Red Kitchen
Living a Simple Life
Homestead Momma
Plain Pam
Marmees Pantry
Making It Our Home While Here
Prairie Flower Farm
R & L's Homespun Life
Holy Experience
New Life on a Homestead


(I just couldn't leave y'all out afterall!)

Thanks to everyone for giving me laughs, making me think, inspiring me, encouraging me, supporting me, and visiting with me..y'all truly "Make My Day"!!!!!!!!!

******Sorry, I didn't tell the truth...Tiki Travelers is my dear not only have I met him...I grew up with him, have been friends with him for 47 years, love him, and married him, Sept.3 is our 5 year anniversary!

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