Sunday, June 13, 2010

They Amaze Me

Pictured above are "Cleo and the Patrets" LR - Amy, Emmalynn, Morgan (Cleo), Leigh Catherine and Katie

It all started with Morgan helping with music for Vacation Bible School. A, E, L, & K sat on the back row and did all the motions (very exaggerated) to tease Morgan. Ryan, our music minister, watched them and recruited them to sing on Sunday Morning for church. So these darling, Christian, goofy girls all got up on stage this morning in their Egyptian makeup, clothing and accessories and "performed" behind the VBS kids in the morning worship service.

It was fun to watch them and laugh with them. I am very thankful that Katie and Amy have these Christian friends to have fun with. These girls have made their transition into the church very pleasant and welcoming!

Wednesday night they will all be at our house for a "youth" cookout and swim party.


  1. Oh, it looks like great fun. Lord willing, my girls will be helping out with VBS at the little church down the road this week. They love helping with VBS.

  2. Trixi,

    I hope they have a great time! Mine love to help and are helping at a friends church this week! Hope you are staying cool in this Miss. heat!


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