Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Here are HP (Henny Penny), CL (Chicken Little), Beatrice, and Beulah.

Amy and I are excited about the Peaches. Isn't it gorgeous? It will be made into Peach Jam.

I don't want to get too confident, but we may get the blueberries this year instead of the birds. The girls and I covered old tomato cages with tulle and put them around the bushes. We can see the blueberries ripening. Yummy for muffins. I've got a new bush to plant also, so that will make 5 bushes. All the fruit trees are planted and most are staked up and mulched. We've eaten green beans twice from the garden and gotten 4 yellow squash. There are some tiny cucumbers on the plants. Greg and Will built the cucumber support the other day, so now they have a nice place to grow up instead of out.

Its been a tremendously busy week so far and its going to get busier. I've been sewing some sashes for bible school which starts on Friday. The girls have made Egyptian Collars for the kids to decorate out of colored fun foam. Now we are coming up with a pattern for the adult collars out of glittery foam sheets. We've also got to cut straws to use for bracelets. It'll be a busy and fun weekend.

Next week the kids are helping 'Rie at her VBS.


  1. "My, what beautiful chicks you have," says Mac.

  2. Yep, thats exactly what he says. Its a miracle we still have 4, the electric fence will take care of his "coveting".

  3. Love it! The birds are so precious and the peach looks perfect!

  4. I have some friends who named their first 3 chickens---Soup, Salad & Sandwich! Guess they wanted to keep it all in perspective! Hee,Hee

  5. I like those names. And the chickens could change names depending on their size. The largest is Beatrice, next is Beulah, then HP and finally CL. If HP gets to be the biggest then her name changes to Beatrice. Here chickie, chickie, chickie is so much easier. Next comes Arnold the pig...yep, but he is going to live at someone else's house and be bacon when he gets bigger. We are officially "off our rocker" but thats ok, its fun!


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