Monday, June 14, 2010

Multitude Monday 120-149

121. doing crafts at Vacation Bible School at our church

122. fellowship time setting up and breaking down VBS

123. a quiet house

124. a backyard pool

125. anticipating next school year

126. deals at CVS

127. fresh, summertime tomatoes

128. squash casserole made with squash from our garden

129. watermelon

130. sewing time

131. a husband who listens

132. finding something we thought was lost for good

133. new cookbooks (I love to read cookbooks)

134. time to finish quilting projects without starting anything new

135. a clean kitchen

136. watching old movies with Greg and the kids (Music Man)

137. signing up for dance classes next year

138. sweet hugs from children in VBS

139. hot weather (might as well be thankful for it because its here)

140. eating dinner together as a family

141. no more homeschool group obligations

142. dreaming about a "family business" with my husband

143. my tile kitchen floor (this one doesn't hurt my feet! Thanks Greg)

144. buttons (I really like cutesy buttons and like to shop for them for dresses I am smocking)

145. looking at fabric

146. completing projects that have been pushed aside

147. homemade vanilla ice cream

148. company for dinner and swimming

149. memories of my sweet Daddy...16 years after he died

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