Sunday, June 6, 2010

The Pool Hall

5 years ago, when Greg bought this house, he also bought a pool table. Since there is no room inside, the "Pool Hall" is our double garage. Its got a piece of carpet on the floor and a fancy light over the table. Here are the pool sharks in action last week!

Thats Will and my nephew Ben. They spent lots of time last week playing pool, swimming and playing the Wii. We had a great visit!

Ben thanked me many times for inviting him to visit! He was really sweet and I really enjoyed him and Bethany coming to Miss. with Granny. recital pictures! It was AWESOME!


  1. What fun!!! Every time I read your blog I am impressed with the fun, safe environment you provide for your family...

  2. When we were over there the other day Izzy was sneaking a peek under the sheet at the pool table!

    I know the kids had a great time at Aunt Donna's house - with the exception of bean picking, I'm sure!


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