Thursday, June 3, 2010

Its been Busy

Last week was a pretty calm week. We got stuff done, had lots of down time, relaxed a little, etc. This week is a whole different chapter in that book of our lives.

*After picking up the girls from dance on Tuesday, we were in a bad rainstorm. I stopped at a traffic light. The lady behind me couldn't stop in time, she rear ended us. Sitting in a braked car and getting hit from behind makes your back and neck sore. Thank heavens no one was seriously injured in either car. and Praise the Lord, she had insurance.

*About an hour later, Mom, Ben and Bethany got to our house. Its really lively when they are here. It takes a while for Bethany and Hershey to get used to each other. But this visit, it happened pretty quickly.

*Wed. morning I went with Greg to the dr. to check out some concerns we both had about his health and the advisibility of him going to Haiti. We stayed there for a couple of hours and then they sent him to another dr. I couldn't go the 2nd time because of Katie's grad. party that afternoon. In the middle of this BJ calls and asks if we are ready to pick beans in his garden, ummm, no too busy today, maybe tomorrow.

*Katie's pool party started at 1. I prayed for sun from 1-3. The Lord sent us a thunderstorm about 1:45 and it lasted till 2:15 or so. Plan B was quickly thought up and put into action. After the girls consummed unreal amounts of ice cream, sprinkles, syrups, whipped cream, candy/cookies, and of course a cherry on top, we played the game Apples to Apples. They all had a blast and then got to swim again after the rain.

*We ate leftovers for dinner and then all headed to church for bible study. Then I took one of the muscle relaxers the dr. gave me for my back pain from the wreck. It relaxed every single, solitary muscle in my body including my eyelids. I had a great nights sleep.

*We got up and picked loads of green beans. It took 9 of us 1 1/2 hours to pick the 2 rows. Mom, the kids and I got busy at home snapping. My buddy is going to can them for me and I am going to sew a quilt top for her. I want to learn to pressure can, but this is not a great week for that.

*Then it was orthodontist time. One of Amy's bands broke on Sunday night and this was the first appt. we could get (their office is moving). Unfortunately, the space closed up and they couldn't get the new band on, so they put spacers back in. Then to dance for several hours, a trip to Target, dance again, then Chick Fil A for dinner.

*Tomorrow is the dress rehearsal for dance.
*Sat. Greg is cooking ribs and then we have the recital.
*Sunday will bring a full day of church with services, visiting, parent meeting, and new marriage Bible Study.


  1. I'll be canning green beans in the morning ... and there are probably more to pick as we speak! They are a great thing to start canning with, though ... super easy!

    I hope the dance recital goes well and that you get to catch up on a little down time next week!

  2. I'm still canning, but it looks like my take on our harvest this morning will be 30, maybe 32 quart jars. In one day, in one picking - and that's only half. If I ever meet that man I may kiss him!


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