Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Multi- Tasking

Some days I am a great multi-tasker. I can do several things at once and get them done correctly. But today was not one of those days...

Here's what happened

Wash laundry
Hang it up
Start another load
grind wheat
mix & bake muffins
clean pan
hang up another load
mix up cookie dough
bake 2 pans of cookies
run outside because its starting to rain on the clean clothes
put more cookie dough in the oven
do another load of laundry
get something out of the attic
read email
listen to tremendous thunder storm
look at dance schedule

Did you notice anything unusual in that list? I forgot the last 2 trays of cookies were in the oven...big, stinky, blackened OOPS!!!

Some days multi-tasking just doesn't work!

Then I read my buddies blog and am trying to figure out what she means? She has a special talent for typing in riddles that my mind can't fathom. But, she is still my friend and she makes some great homemade icecream!

Praying the rain leaves this area before K's party tomorrow.


  1. I've been puzzling that riddle myself!

    I used to burn cookies all the time and then I started to bake my chocolate chip cookies in bars ... I can usually remember to take one batch of cookies out of the oven before they burn!

    Hope you have a good visit with family this week.

  2. Shelby thinks God left a bolt out of me when He didn't program me to use a timer. I'm too good for a timer, ya know?!

    Result of my ego - lots of burned cookies!

    It's not a riddle girls! You both know what it is and you both will be seeing more of me in the month of July.

  3. Well, I would love to see you more in the month of July...but its still a riddle till you SPELL it out for me...I am dense!

  4. I bet the first batch was wondeful!


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