Monday, June 7, 2010

Multitude Monday 86-120

86. cousins swimming in the pool

87. a beautiful ballet recital

88. little chicks getting used to their home

89. visits from Mom to Miss.

90. days spend with my husband

91. using my new camera to take recital pictures (bought since last recital)

92. the gift of "gleaning" in someones garden

93. Bible study on Marriage we started last night

94. Netflix...we are catching up on seasons of "24" we have not seen

95. Homestead Blessings DVD's

96. books to read and re-read

97. involvement and church & feeling like my input is respected

98. a wonderful friend who canned my 19 quarts of green beans last week

99. fresh, frozen vegies from the truck at the co-op on Sat.

100. Turkey dinner in June

101. cucumber plants that are taking off

102. huge thriving squash plants

103. staked up, mulched fruit trees

104. a small church youth group with involved parents

105. Breyer's new Chocolate Popsicles, wow, they are yummy

106. 2 weeks with no caffeine

107. gallons of tea sweetened with Sun Crystals

108. lazy nights at home

109. enrolling Katie in College Plus this week

110. a Son who has gone back to college

111. a girlfriend who is encouraging the college attendance

112. a full dinner table

113. the first ribs Greg grilled this year...Awesome!

114. cross stitch pictures

115. nasty kisses from my niece and nephew

116. lots of hugs and thank you's from my niece and nephew

117. strawberries waiting to be turned into jelly

118. a friend who likes the same stuff I do

119. Brach's Jelly Beans (I buy many bags after Easter and make them last...I hide them!)

120. Bible School this weekend at church


  1. Amen to #104!!! A few friends and I were discussing youth groups. From my limited experience it seems that the ones that are not good are the ones that where the parents are very hands off and only see the youth ministry as a time for fun and games. Parents make all the difference!

  2. I'm jealous of #102 ... we have green beans, tomatoes and cucumbers doing very well, but no squash this year.

  3. Those are wonderful blessings, and prayers answered also for #110.

    love ya!


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