Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Keepers At Home

Some of our plans for Keepers at Home meetings are wonderful, fun and calm. This meeting was wonderful, fun and hectic. When Jennifer found the plans for the "Little Dresses for Africa" and emailed the group, I thought it was a wonderful idea and wanted us to do them. But, I didn't thoroughly think through the logistics involved. So many girls haven't sewn before (or the mamas), so it was a little tricky. 6 sewing machines and 2 ironing boards take up a lot of room. Plus all the little dresses in different stages of completion. 2 1/2 hours later, we had some completed dresses and mom/girl teams happy with their results. In the picture above is my little friend Kaytee Beth in the pillowcase dress I made for her. Its all girly and frilly just like she is. I have enough fabric to make one for her older sister, so they will match.
Angela, Vida Jo and Kaytee Beth with Vida Jo's dress.
Emmalynn with her dress.

Jennifer and LoraBeth with her flowered dress.

Emily and Sandra. You can't tell in the picture but the little dress has tiny green palm trees.

Betsey and Emma, I love the lavendar!


  1. The dresses turned out cute! We are doing some with our American Heritage Girls in the winter as a Mother/Daughter service project. In the meantime, I have about 40 cut out, mostly using
    McCall's pattern 4547 which is basically a peasant dress (w/elastic in the top). The "Dress" lady said that the girls LOVE pockets too! I used alot of the twittles of material I had and some of the stuff from Mom's closet. Now if they just had Little Dresses for the Artic, I could use my flannel! Tell the girls they all did a great job! B.

  2. We are going to do some for shoeboxes also. Emmalynn, K & A are going to get together and make some for Pastor Jeff to take to Haiti. I also thought about them for Honduras too, if we go in Jan. I will pass your message along. They did have a blast, but it was WILD here today!

  3. This is awesome!!! I am attempting to get a mother/daughter thing going at church for our youth girls and their moms and it will feature the litte dresses. What is Keepers at Home, pray tell??

  4. As much as I enjoy taking credit for things, I believe that the credit for this one goes to Marie! It was just my idea to steal their idea to put in shoeboxes.

    Lora had a great time, but I think we'll have to make another dress to donate ... she has decided that she wants to keep hers.

  5. katie, Keepers at Home is a Christian Girls group specifically for training daughters to be keepers at home. The handbook has lots of different crafts, bible memorization, cooking, etc. "badges" the girls can work on and earn. Our group started as a way for the girls to make projects to enter in the state fair. Its a great program and we have girls from 5-17 in the group, all working together.

  6. What a great job the girls and moms did. It is always a blessing to you and them when you do something for others.

  7. How much fun!!! What a great thing to do. The dresses look beautiful. I have a pack of pillowcases sitting on top of my sewing basket, ready to go. Just gotta make the time. :) Probably tonight.


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