Friday, June 25, 2010

I Didn't want to do any of it.....

On Wed. of last week, I started breaking out with Poison Ivy. Now, to you folks out there who just itch a little, have a few spots and then it goes away, I envy you. I know that envy is wrong, but I just don't get away with a little itch. I get a major breakout, intense itching, redness, etc (I feel like I should walk around like the lepers in the Old Testament yelling "Unclean, unclean") By Thursday, it was very noticeable and I went to the dr. Now, the weird part about this is, it started and is most "violent" on my face. I got the dreaded steriod shot (those things burn, I don't how athletes pump themselves up in this way, ouch). By Sunday morning, the entire right side of my face was swelling...into my neck and up to my eye. Greg texted our Dr. and he replied back, tell her to take Benadryl. Greg's return text was, she took 2 last night, its worse and the reply was, I will be there in a minute. (He lives up the street from us). So my dear dr. made a house call. Turns out I am having a hyper-allergic reaction and now have a secondary infection, what a blessing. Out comes the prescription pad and I get antibiotics and pres. allergy pills. Within several days, the swelling was mostly gone and the itching was somewhat under control if I remember every 6 hours to take the little pill. Now, it has spread..hands, legs, arms, back of neck etc. Another call to the dr. and viola, a pres. for 7 days of steriods. So, I couldn't pass a drug test now, if my life depended on it. (Not that I have ever had to worry about that)

This brings us to the title of this entry...I Didn't Want To Do Any Of It...

We had a full week planned.

Tuesday night: Greg, Will and I were shopping for our church's Haiti fundraiser Spaghetti Dinner
Since the girls were at a party, we went out to eat at O'Charleys, to do something special with will. The lighting is not quite dark enough in there to cover the rash on my face, but hey I gotta eat. Next was a trip into the well lit, Sams Club. Now, when folks ask if there is anything else they can do for me (in a store), I ask if they have a cure for poison ivy. Remember...unclean, unclean.

Wed. was the Keepers meeting at our house. So more folks were blessed with my "look". They were sweet and all are praying for a fast recovery. Wed. night was bible study at church and inspecting the kitchen for stuff we would need to the dinner. Again, lots of prayers and sympathy for my condition.

Thursday am...prep salad, brown gr. meat and make spaghetti sauce. Praise the Lord for willing helpers and prayers. I didn't touch anything with my bare hands, I wore a pair of food safety plastic gloves and Greg's cooking gloves with grippers (I think they are fish cleaning gloves)

Thursday pm...back to the church to finish preps and start serving. From 5-7 we served about 200 dinners through our "drive-thru" pickup. The cars pulled up to the door, someone got the number they needed from their pre-sold tickets and we got the dinners out the door. Gordon Ramey from "Not Heavens Kitchen" would have been proud, we completed our dinner service!
We had lots of help and lots of fun. Greg and Pastor Jeff cooked the noodles, all 30 pounds of them, in shrimp boiler pots outside. Then the food hit the assembly line and all was taken care of. Here are some pictures

So, had I stuck with my original "I didn't want to do any of it", I would have missed a tremendous blessing. The whole week was fun and I had a great time. We got to work with, visit, and serve with other families in our new church, in a way thats hard to fathom if you don't volunteer. "I can do ALL things through Christ" please Lord, erase the poison ivy from my body and if you have time, a total eradication of the plant from this planet would be greatly appreciated!

This weekend Greg and I will be ALONE. And that doesn't happen very often. K,W, &A are going to a weekend Youth camp with our church. They will have lots of great times with their friends and we will have peace & quiet.

Now, onto Kroger...unclean, unclean! But, since I haven't been in almost 2 weeks, I need to go.


  1. Maybe since you won't deliver my spaghetti I should come and pick it up. That will ruin that peace and quiet. Gotta go now and get packed.
    Greg can cook us ribs and a steak would be nice.See you soon.

  2. Maybe some shrimp on the barbie instead with a big baked potato. Almost like Christmas.


  3. When I saw the title of this post (and the picture of the great big pot), I was expecting to be reading some sort of home remedy for poison ivy!

    I hope you get to enjoy your weekend of peace and quiet without the sound of scratching!


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