Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Summer Days

We have waited a long time for summer to get here. We are ready to kick back, swim, eat popsicles, sleep later, cook on the grill, eat fresh salads & vegies, etc.

But summer brings some special challenges too. The grass grows so fast, Will is becoming an expert mower. The garden is flourishing, I've got corn stalks that are shoulder high. The cucumber plants (all 15 of them, none perished) are sending out their little tendrils, which means Greg needs to build their support to climb on. I've got some baby squash on my plants and we planted more seeds yesterday. (Squash is a recently acquired new "like" of mine). I've got one box of green beans plants exploding with blooms and little baby beans. The second box was planted 2 weeks ago and is sprouting nicely. The onions and garlic box are starting to "wilt" and some of the tops are turning from green to beige. Greg has picked out a new onion spot and will be planting 150 more onions (the dehydrator will be working overtime). I planted the okra plants on Monday, we both love fried okra.

Now that we are home, we will get our chicks soon. The kids are excited about this new adventure. They have been reading up on chicken care and we all like fresh eggs. Marie's husband figures we should be getting eggs in Sept. As far as I know, her goofy "old" chickens are still laying. I guess they figured they better get back into production when the new chickies got to the house!

I got a phone call the other day about green beans. Now to some, that may be a weird call but to a green bean lover this was such a blessing. BJ asked if I wanted to come pick the rest of his beans after he got all they wanted? YES! Last year, he got about 11 bushels from his plants and ran out of people to give them too. I can take care of that problem. So in the next week or so, I will get to pick lots of beans and learn how to pressure can them. Free beans...gotta love it!

We decided not to have quilting during the summer. The girls have projects to finish to enter in the fair. And blocks to work on to put together. So, we are on our own this summer. When we go to my in-laws this summer, we will sandwich together my queen size top that I finished last fall and baste the layers together. That way I can quilt when I get a chance.

Last week I pleated 7 little dresses to smock. I haven't smocked since last fall and was ready to start again. 2 of these little dresses are for my newest little buddies, Lilyann and Coralea. Their mama gave me material to make the dresses and there was enough to cut out 2 bishops. The smocking pattern will be the same, but I am using different thread for each. I've never done dresses for twins before! Can't wait to see them in the dresses. Some of the finished dresses will be entered in the fair in September.

This weekend is Memorial Day and next week, Mama comes to visit. Its also dance recital week. My niece and nephew may come to Miss. also, they are still deciding. Katie's graduation party is next Wed., shes invited about 20 girls for a pool party and ice cream sundaes. We are thinking of yummy things to cook next week. Greg has already bought ribs to smoke for Mom. And I think homemade vanilla icecream would be great also. Now, we just gotta think of what to serve the other days. Crockpot meals will be on for Thurs. and probably Fri. because of the rehearsal schedule. Then dance is over till Sept.

So are you wondering when all the relaxing, swimming, etc. is gonna take place? Its already started...we've instituted "Popsicle/reading time" after working in the yard. Afternoon swims (if it doesn't thunder), sleeping an hour later in the mornings, easier dinners at night, watching movies together. The girls and I are quilting or cross stitching during the movies. I took Katie driving yesterday, well, she drove, we rode. Got to go on a leisurely convertible ride with Greg the other night, sipping my shake from Sonic. That was fun!

And school is officially over. Next year, I will have a college student and a 9th & 10th grader. 4 more years of highschool to go!

Bring on those lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer...those days of soda and pretzels and tea!


  1. This is an exciting blog!~ You are so industrious... Tell me more about cucumber supports? I didn't know I needed them! OH NO!!!

  2. Katie, Ya don't have to have them. We didn't last year, they just climbed on whatever in the box. But this year we planted some peppers in the back of the box and don't want the cucumbers to over run them. The support I saw in a book was a Frame made around chicken wire, 2 of these were hinged together at the top and set over the plants. The cucumbers climbed up the wire. You could also use tomato cages, they just need to climb something!

  3. oh dear one, have a great summer! enjoy your garden and enjoy the chicks!!! you will love them!

  4. Your days are sounding lovely. We will be doing Math most of the summer. However, other than that we are pretty much done. We, too, are gardening heavily. Although, we are just now getting blooms on the tomatoes, cucumbers, and squash but it wont be long until we are canning up a storm.
    I would love to learn to quilt. I have wanted to for years. I have all of the Homestead Blessings DVD's from Franklin Springs and they have just come out with the new quilting one. I can't wait to get it.
    Well, enough for now have a great rest of the week and weekend.

  5. Thanks, Donna! Very helpful. We actually used the wire from my parents' newly laid driveway to make tomato cages and have some leftover. Might put some out for the cucumbers too. Those vines are crazy! And there are yellow blooms everywhere! We're going to have to be doing some serious eating!

  6. Ok, we put out bamboo tripods yesterday and wound the vines around them. I am so glad I read this when I did. The cucumber vines were trying to choke the watermelons! Those things are scary... Can you tell I'm a novice gardener?? :)


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