Monday, May 24, 2010

Multitude Monday

31. Our 5th highschool graduate (3rd from homeschool)

32. spending time with my Mom

33. sharing things with my children that I experienced growing up

34. a Pastor who gets excited about God's word

35. finding "lost" items

36. graduation parties

37. fresh vegetables in the summertime

38. offer of free vegetables to can

39. a friend willing to pick green beans with me

40. that same friend willing to share her Pressure canning knowledge and can with me ( we will be having a can a thon!)

41. 3 "untypical" young people (the world calls them teenagers)

42. babies

43. cold tea on a hot day

44. a swimming pool

45. cell phones

46. a husband seeking the Lord's will

47. free worksheets & word searches on the internet for school

48. helpful children in the grocery store

49. grocery coupons & sales

50. fellowship with other believers

51. A Pastor thats not afraid to preach the truth

52. hugs

53. the blessings of family

54. a lawnmower that works again

55. my tiny 1/2 cup pea harvest (have decided that peas were not the best use of that garden box, but the peas will be good in soup)

56. friends with a tiller

57. the future promise of fresh tomatoes from my garden

58. "happy" herbs in their pots

59. tiny squash on the plants

60. Being able to talk to the Lord about everything

My thankfulness is listed in no particular order...its just what the Lord brings to mind.

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