Thursday, May 27, 2010

Garden Pictures

On the right is my squash box and in the middle are my parsley, basil and oregano plants. The box to the left has okra in the back and will have more squash in the front, it got planted yesterday.

I don't remember what these little plants are but I like them. I think these are probably the only "non-vegetable" plant that I bought this year.

The first green bean box we planted! They are doing great and I picked my first batch today.

See the baby squash hiding in there? We've got lots of blooms on the squash plants.

Daylillies, they are either from my grandmothers yard or Greg's grandmothers yard.

Look at that corn grow! Its definately taller than "knee high by the 4th of July". We are hopeful for some sweet corn this year. To the right of this box are the onions and garlic, it'll be time to pull up soon.

Look whats for dinner tonight! Super yummy goodness!!

And just because...this is my squatter, Allen. The squatter is supposed to be moving this weekend to his new place.


  1. If I come shell beans, can I stay for supper?? :)

    I have been thinking of putting up some pics of my garden too. It's so GREEN and pretty!

  2. I picked green beans today, too ... I'm about to set the kids to snapping them for supper! I didn't think to take any pics this morning, but I guess I should the next time we go to Daddy's.

    Enjoy the beans!

  3. Those are beans, Katie - you don't shell beans, you snap them. You're a garden girl and you know that, but because of your little mistake in typing you are out and I am in!

    Donna, I'll see you and your lovely family around sixish?

    And Allen - you gotta love him! You know I know!

  4. Katie, these are the kind you snap, much easier than shelling. I wish there was enough to share. We may each get 2 spoonfulls for supper. But more are coming in!

  5. Haha...are we having a an argument over my beans? Alright girls, I'll pull a little red hen on you 2...I bought the seeds, planted them, watered them, picked them and now I am going to eat them! Of course if either of you shows up at my house starving, I'll share...maybe one of you could show up at Jennifer's, she has beans too!

    And my squatter has no idea I took the picture and put it on my blog!!!!!!

  6. Ok, ok! I am a garden girl but I am a NOVICE! I glanced at the green beans and for some reason got purple hull peas in my head. So, I sat this meal out (plus, I don't know where you live, Donna!). BUT when you pick something that CAN be shelled, can I come help shell and stay for supper??? :)

  7. Sure Katie! Right now I don't have anything! But I will let you know if it happens!

  8. :) Thanks. And please forgive my stupidity in seeing a bean that had NOTHING purple on it and still associating it with something purple. Still laughing at myself...


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