Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Anyone that tells you that the world is becoming overpopulated should travel out west. Believe me...there are plenty of wide open spaces containing nothing but cactuses and cows out here. Lots of room for a house or 1000's of houses. No overpopluation here!

We drove the scenic route to Abilene. I've been craving Chick Fil A and guess what...I haven't found one yet. All my coupons and no chicken sandwiches...not fair. At least this scenic route was pretty flat which hills, no cliffs, no steep drop offs and no switchbacks, Praise the Lord. We went to a neat history museum in Abilene. And we all got the teachers/students discount. Yeah for homeschooling.

Tonight, we had our first cookout of the trip. Yep, we've been gone 12 days and haven't been able to cookout. It was either too windy, too cold, too snowy or too other stuff. So we had grilled burgers, hot dogs, baked beans, chips and s'mores. Yummy!

We are headed further south tomorrow. I think we are going to LBJ's park, the 1st President Bush's Library, and San Antonio. Gotta see the Alamo and I want to see if Vision Forum has a visitor center or store or something!


  1. I remember one town we stopped in and we quadrupled the population! Glad you are having a great time!

  2. I having fun reading your vacation entries. Sorry I haven't been on in almost a week. I had alot of catching up to do. Glad you're having fun. Keep on posting.

  3. Donna, are you still in TX? I grew up in MS and now live in West TX. I can't believe you haven't found a chick fil a yet. I hope you do soon. Enjoy the rest of your visit to Texas.


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