Saturday, May 8, 2010

Last Official Vacation Entry

Tomorrow, tomorrow, we'll be home tomorrow, its only a day away! Yep, we will be back in Mississippi tomorrow. Tonight we are staying at an awesome KOA campground in Baton Rouge, LA. I am sitting at a picnic table outside the RV in the sunshine with Greg and blogging. The pool is 20 yards away and I can see the kids through the picket fence.

Here is what has gone on in the last couple of days....

On Wed. I emailed Vision Forum to see if they had a "open to the public" store or headquarters, etc. we could visit. I got a very nice email back saying they were only open on Friday to the public but would be closed this Friday. However, if I still wanted to come by, they would open for us. Now that is customer service. I emailed back yes and we got there about 11:15 on Friday morning. Chance (from customer service) met us at the door and took us to their store. Ahhhhhhh, what fun. I am a book-a-holic and this was heavenly. I got 2 books, and Will got a Jonathan Park CD set. Then we got to look in their "scratch and dent" section and I got a Moody Science video on Atoms for $2.95 and a Santa Fe Trail video for .50. It was great. I've got to remember to email Mr. Doug Phillips next week and thank him personally and commend Chance. (The store wasn't going to be open because so many folks are either at the European Faith and Freedom tour or they are set up at homeschool conferences). I was a Vision Forum fan before but now, I am a devoted fan! I love the fact that I can get books for me or the kids, or videos, or order books for Greg and they are UN-politically correct...they are the real history of the United States, not a watered down namby-pamby version.

Then we made our way across town to the Alamo. I just figured it would be like any other fort and be set back "off the beaten path" but I was wrong. The town of Santa Fe grew up around the Alamo. We parked a ways away and walked the Riverwalk to the fort. Unfortunately, this was "take your entire 4th grade (I read the t-shirts) to the Alamo day" for several public schools and the kids were everywhere. It reminded me once again, how blessed we are to homeschool.

For dinner, we found Greg a Tex-mex restaurant and he got his fill of Mexican food. I had tortilla soup (1st was good) and a salad. Will ordered a monster burrito and ate half for dinner, the other half was lunch today.

Today, we went to Avery Island, LA and toured the Tabasco plant. Cool (or hot)!! Since it was Sat. they weren't bottling tabasco but we still got to see everything. Did you know they age their pepper sauce for 3 years? And its aged in Jack Daniels whiskey barrels. Then the pepper sludge and vinegar are stirred for another 28 days before they are bottled. Didn't know it took that long to make a bottle of tabasco. They were giving samples away and I don't find many things that Will doesn't like, but the Tabasco Ice Cream did not get his seal of approval. I didn't need to taste it to make my "I won't like it determination".

We will be home tomorrow.

I am ready to be at home but I am not ready for Greg to leave and go to work. These last 2 weeks have been too much fun!


  1. The Tabasco plant? Ronnie is drooling! I'm pretty sure I would love the Vision Forum store ... I've been so excited about next year's curriculum that Ronnie has taken to calling me a nerd!

    I'm glad y'all have had a good trip ... I hope you have a happy Mother's day on your drive home!

  2. Glad you had a great trip. Sounds like you made many memories of a lifetime.


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