Sunday, April 25, 2010

We are here...where is here? We have wondered that same thing more than once in the last couple of days. We left our house at 1:45 on Friday afternoon. Our intent was to beat the awful storms that were headed our way. It kind of worked...till 1 am Sat. morning. Then the bottom of the sky dropped out and landed on our RV complete with lots of thunder and lightning. Several waves of the storm came through and at 5:30, Greg and I gave up sleeping and got dressed. We drove the 20 or so miles into Dallas, TX. There we found the X that marked the spot where Kennedy's limo was when he was assassinated, walked around the book depository building and the grassy knoll. The 6th floor window where Lee Harvey Oswald was supposed to be standing is behind and catty corner where the limo was facing. Someone would have had very clear shot from the grassy knoll. Greg's investigation indicated that Oswald was not working alone. But, they didn't ask Greg to help investigate, since he was only 10 months old at the time.

Then we decided to head to Amarillo. They are not close to each other at all. The one thing I know that is bigger in Texas is the land...its massive. It took so long to get to Amarillo. The wind blew 40-45 mph the entire day. Greg had to fight the wind to get us there safely. When we finally arrived in Amarillo, we were so tired and ready to eat dinner and relax. We went into a Welcome Station and found a lady there who was a fountain of information. We asked about RV camping and she told us about a couple of local campgrounds and then told us about a state campground that was 30 miles south. It was Palo Duro Canyon. This is the 2nd largest canyon in the country. So off we drove. We got there just in time...2nd to the last campsight. We drove down a steep incline into the canyon. It was gorgeous. Such a good choice! We had a nice, peaceful dinner, everyone got showers in our "spacious" bathroom (its slightly larger than an airplane bathroom) and then we played a game for a couple of hours. My sister in law gave us the game "Apples to Apples" for Christmas and we played it for the first time, and second-sixth time. Fun game...thanks Bri.

Then bedtime. That was the best nights sleep I have ever had in our RV. One big plus to this night was we put our Tempur Pedic mattress on the bed. My arthrity hip has been happy on its own mattress! A huge thanks to Greg and James for moving it for me.

We spent the morning driving around the canyon and taking lots and lots of pictures. I know that in Genesis it says after the Lord created everything it was good. But Good is such a benign word for what we saw. I like magnificent, awesome, & incredible not just good! What a beautiful thing to witness and experience on the Lord's Day. Got pictures of Texas Longhorns also, Then we hit "Amarillo by morning". We wanted to find a Walmart or HomeDepot to buy spray paint and then go to Cadillac Ranch. But we found the cadillacs before the paint, so thats a stop for the return trip. (If you haven't heard about Cadillac Ranch, there are 7 cadillacs, buried about 1/2 way into the dirt, and you are permitted to paint). Our info lady encouraged the kids to get the paint and have fun, so grafitti is in our future. Then we drove on Historic Route 66 and found the Midway Cafe (saw this diner on tv), Sunday lunch in the diner! However, the grafitti opportunity was not completely lost, I did sign the bumper of an old pickup that was parked in front of the diner. Traveling with a sharpie marker is a "good thing".

Next was onto New Mexico. Our ultimate destination was Santa Fe. The lady at the welcome station was somewhat informative and showed Greg a way to get to Las Vegas, NM and then over to Amarillo. I say somewhat because she didn't tell us that when we left the freeway, we would be driving through desolate ranchland and over a huge mountain then more ranchland to get to LV. And it was a dud. Not worth the trip, it was interesting, we did it but wouldn't repeat the same trip. (However, Brenda is you want to construct another rock garden, or rock wall, rock pack, rock home & rock church, then I know where you can get all the large, huge boulders for your project...just have to climb over an electric fence, up the side of a steep hill, roll them down, back over the fence, and load them for rattlesnakes) Oh, and we are at some unbelievable 1000's of feet above sea level.

So, that brings us to tonight. We are at a KOA campground in Santa Fe. Its in Comanche Valley, so we are hoping the natives don't get restless tonight. Tomorrow, we are exploring Santa Fe. Amy and I found out they have a "Chocolate Trail" so we decided it was a good fieldtrip opportunity. Then I don't know what is next. This is really the first trip we have ever been on with no schedules or restrictions. Since we left, we have eaten out 2 meals, the first was a quickie, cheap dinner at Wendy's when we were driving on Friday and the 2nd was the diner today. We've "cooked" sloppy joes and tacos for our 2 dinners. Breakfasts were cereal, fruit, grits, bacon, and muffins. Lunch yesterday was turkey and ham sandwiches.

Tomorrow, we find the chocolate!

Blogger is being pokey and won't download my I'll have to bore you later!

Oh Jennifer, I read your comment, I want to do the Yellowstone Trip sometime. Thats sounds like a blast!


  1. Okay ... with the exception of the leg of the trip from Dallas to Amarillo (been there, done that ... couldn't stay awake!) this is sounding more and more like my kind of vacation. I love road trips and KOA's. Even without an RV, I want to find a KOA somewhere fairly close and give the kids their first taste of "kamping" ... so many happy memories from my childhood!

    I'm up for the Yellowstone trip anytime ... even better ~ keep going until you get almost to Canada and go to Glacier National Park ... unbelievable! Definitely more "magnificient," or "awe-inspiring" than just plain "good!"

    Looking forward to your next post! Can't wait to hear about the chocolate trail.

  2. did you get my email? I asked how y'all were sleeping - should have read the blog first!

    Even with the mild frustrations - and Buddy getting an ouchy - it sounds like you guys are having a great time.

    Can't wait to see the pictures, and the sure to come scrapbook pages!

    love you and get some sleep!

  3. Rie, didn't get your email, try again!

    Jennifer, this is my first KOA campground, so far so good. Tomorrow night we are staying in one with an indoor pool, the kids are excited.

    I'll "force" myself to eat some chocolate for ya'll...cause afterall you're friends!

  4. If you make it to Arizona, check out (Avondale) and --both churches pastored by a seminary friend and former neighbor of ours. I enjoy your blog.


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