Monday, April 26, 2010

The Great American Road Trip part 2

Well, I hate to admit it but the Chocolate shop we found was a total bust. They were "wise in their own eyes". It was all dark chocolate (which I like ok) and not what was advertised. So, no money was blown there. We did walk around Santa Fe for a while. If you like Indian blankets and turquoise, you would have loved it. We just looked. We did like all the architecture in the town. Almost every building is made of adobe, so its very classy and understated. We even did some shopping at an Adobe Walmart (this one still had a fabric dept.). The kids got their spray paint, so we are ready for the return trip to Cadillac Ranch.

Then we hopped in the RV and headed west on I-40 for Gallup, NM. Whats there? Well, a town and more importantly, a KOA kampground.

Now, I did learn a few things today. Who knew that New Mexico had volcano's? Not me! We saw them and their lava flows. The first one was 17 miles long. The second we saw was longer than that. Now, since we were told they last erupted 150,000 years ago, there was nothing to worry about! But the red, tan rocks everywhere were replaced by black rocks in the landscape. I also figure NM must have given land way and maybe houses too. Why else would people be living under or right at these huge cliffs when there is a constant danger of falling rocks? Looks like a really stupid place to put houses to me, I am sure the insurance is unbelievable if even available (thats the daughter of a former State Farm agent speaking). Now here is some more house observations...people either live on huge ranches or small-medium size houses with postage stamp yards or 15 trailers on 1 lot. There isn't a lot of in between. Also, do they really need windsocks on the expressway and signs stating there are gusty winds? You can feel the gusts! But here is the kicker of them all....cattle guards at the entrance and exit ramps to the expressway! Now this tells me there has been a problem in the past. But whats to keep the cow from walking on the dirt beside the road and accomplishing his objective anyway? Just some thoughts from this GA/Miss girl!

Tomorrow we are headed to the Petrified Forest and the Painted Desert. Also, going to find some cliff dwellings to take pictures of!

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