Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Outside my window... Sunny & beautiful

I am thinking...That the Lord is such an awesome Creator, his creation is beautiful!

I am thankful for... time with family and a Loving Husband

I am wearing... black shorts & a flowered t-shirt

I am remembering... that my kids are growing up and I can't solve all their problems

I am going... to the Painted Desert & Petrified Forest today

I am currently reading... Proverbs & "The Second Mayflower" by Kevin Swanson

I am hoping... for beautiful weather the rest of our trip

On my mind...traveling

Noticing that...there is NO humidity in New Mexico, my nose misses it!

From the kitchen...Katie and Amy cooked pancakes for breakfast, sandwiches for lunch and a cook out and s'mores for dinner

Around the house... how 'bout around the RV. Its tidy and we are ready to roll into Arizona.

One of my favorite things...truth in advertising. Don't advertise something thats not there!


  1. LOVE the advertising statement -- so true! Looks like y'all are having fun. You're making me want to get an RV.

  2. Hey Y'all, Funny thing about the comments on the rocks in NM, we fixed the path on the hill last week before we had 5 dumptruck loads of dirt and sod put in the yard. I could probably use some of those rocks! (without the beaddy fanged friends!) I let out my inner Granddaddy Cash (the stone mason) come out. We made a big flat area that will have a bench swing on it in the future. Some of the other additions will be blueberries and possibly a dogwood. We may try some of Ben's tomato plants he is growing for the Plant Science MB, if they all produce we'll be supplying the neighbors and of course, lots of Grandma Alice irises and hydrangeas! I actually know someone here who has her yard decorated with some choice specimans of NM rocks she collected on a trip "back home", she got some REALLY pretty ones! Personal note: did you inquire about the stuff from the Bread Beckers? Should I be picking that up at the HS conference?
    Have fun! Yellowstone is gorgeous! Brenda


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