Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Trying Hard to get a good Picture

My kids complain that it takes too long for me to take pictures. They complain about the number of pictures I take. They complain that in those pictures, they look goofy. Thats because this is what I get...
No one looking at the camera! Hello, its up here.

A blowfish imitation.
Not sure what Andy was doing. Rob looks like he going to be shot. James looks bored. And Will, Katie & Amy are looking at the camera and smiling...obedient children!

This is our shortest to tallest picture. L-R Katie (17), Amy (13), Andy (22), James (26), Rob (22) & Will (16). Will has beat 3 of his older brothers! Allen had to work but he would have been to the right of Will. He is the tallest of them all. And sometimes the photographer (not me) get creative with his camera angles!
Cute kids and I love them, but I think its pretty apparent why it takes so long to get ONE (1) good picture. Its not the photographer...its the subjects!


  1. AMEN, GIRL! I am so happy to see that someone else has trouble getting their kids to cooperate, but I must admit that I was hoping that my kids would eventually grow out of their troublesome picture taking skills, but maybe that won't be the case. Oh well, at least our pictures have personality!

  2. Bribery, threats, sweets, and stern looks don't work. The only thing that seems to work every time is Demerol.

    Not for the kids, for me. After just one pill, I don't care if they are moving or not!



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