Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Daybook for April 6

For Today...April 6

Outside my window: Sunny, pollen-y, warm 80 degrees

I am thinking: about my friend Rosana and her twin girls that will be born tomorrow morning

I am thankful for: My Mom, her birthday is this week! I am thankful that we are going to drive to GA on Sat. and spend the week with her!

From the learning rooms: Amy & Will are doubling up on their math lessons, so we don't have to take math to GA.

From the kitchen: Peanut Butter cookies x2, double chocolate cookies x2, dinner is meatballs, baked potatoes, green beans. These are cookies for the cookie jar plus some to take to Mom's, plus some to freeze and take on our Western vacation at the end of the month.

I am wearing: blue/yellow flowered t-shirt, jeans, tennies

I am creating: still on the retro picture but now its 8/9ths done. I made 2 tablecloths & a window valance last week. Want to smock a dress to enter in the state fair. I am also creating a great birthday gift for Mom, she will love it!

I am going: to GA! Get to visit Mom, my family, get wonderfully yucky kisses from my neice and nephews, visit friends and celebrate Amy's 14th birthday next week.

I am reading: "Miracle Food Cures from the Bible" looking for healthy alternative ways to deal with the Rheumatoid Arthritis I was diagnosed with last week. Any hints or ideas would be helpful and appreciated.

I am hoping; our fruit trees grow, tall, strong and give us lots of fruit. And our garden produces an over abundance of vegetables.

I am hearing: kids in the kitchen fixing lunch, Will setting up our "Waltons" episode to watch

Around the house: planting, weeding, watering trees and garden boxes

One of my favorite things: baking! I love it from beginning to end starting with grinding the wheat and ending with delicious goodies for my family.

A few things for the rest of the week: dance classes, bible drill, co-op classes, and did I mention going to GA!

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  1. I am with you on the garden! I love seeing the progress from planting to produce! I hope y'all have a great trip and please let us know how everything goes for Rosana tomorrow.

  2. Enjoy your visit with you Mom! My Mom passed away very unexpectedly from a massive stroke 15 months ago and I miss her every day. I'm so impressed that you grind your own wheat! WOW! Blessings to you for a wonderful rest of the week!


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