Monday, April 5, 2010

I've waited all Winter for this

Its time! I've waited all winter for this! And its finally time! The day I have waited for has arrived! The GARDEN!

Now, with all the suspense, anticipation, research, planning, plotting, etc. you would think I'd pick a little cooler day. But no! The hottest day so far this year...85 degrees. Don't have to worry about my seeds freezing!

We are dirty & sweaty and our lungs are full of pollen. Now, its break time. We deserve it!

We have planted green beans, yellow squash, basil, oregano, more peas, carrots & corn. Katie is following my planting with a thorough watering using water from our rain barrel. Will is moving the compost pile and dumping the good dirt on the bottom of it into my new cucumber raised garden. Amy is vacuuming the pool, she is ready for swimming.

The onions and garlic that were planted last fall look good. I can smell the onions as I pull weeds out of the bed. If this is successful, we will plant them again in the fall. They were easy. Just stick them in the ground and let them go.

We decided to plant a fruit tree orchard in the front yard. Greg has visions of his great-grandchildren coming over to pick apples to eat with grandpa! We've got 3 apple trees to plant and 1 more peach tree. The kids planted 2 plum trees in memory of their "Didi" that passed away 2 weeks ago. Granny sent them money to buy the trees. Amy discovered little, baby peaches on our peach tree. We pulled some off so the others would grow big...just like our books said but that was soooooo hard. We pulled off about a dozen and then stopped, it just seemed wrong to be committing peachacide (new word, just made it up!). We'll keep an eye on it and see what happens.

We've got more to plant. Greg needs to make more boxes. Cantaloupe, watermelon, lima beans, pole beans, and more herbs. And tomatoes! Yummy! I can eat cherry tomatoes right off the vine, warm, sweet and delicious.

Break time is over. Don't want the worker bees to get too comfortable.


  1. Oh my goodness! I feel like a lazy slob!

    Let's all eat at Donna's this summer - I know where you live!

  2. You are more than welcome to come eat! I know where you live too...might come swipe one of Shelby's cakes!

  3. We started planting in our garden this past weekend. Sooo excited about the wonderful harvest we will be enjoying this summer! We are pretty new at all this so we didn't near as much as you all did - but yours sure does sound yummy!!

  4. Wow at least you have all that good help. One year I planted a garden and hubby was gone with the Army and every stinkin fruit came in at the same time. I could not can and freeze fast enough. I was so tired! Can't wait to see how it all goes and what you make with it all.


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