Monday, March 29, 2010

"I Could Never Homeschool"

For all you homeschoolers out many times have you heard "I Could Never Homeschool"? And then you are given 15,000 reasons why that particular person could never homeschool their children. And sometimes those 15,000 reasons are turned into 15,000 questions for you to answer, defend, justify, explain, etc. Does this only happen to me? I hope not! Surely, some of you get the same reasons/questions...please tell me you do.

*If anyone had told me in the 1994/1995 school year that I would homeschool the next year, I would have laughed. It just wasn't in the plans.
*If anyone had told me that once I started homeschooling I wouldn't stop, I would have thought they were crazy. (Now, I realize to the rest of the world...I am the crazy one!)
*If anyone told me I would homeschool through highschool not once, not twice, but 5 times, I would have said I can't do it, I'm not smart enough.
*If anyone had told me what a radical, life changing, relationship building, family learning experience homeschooling was, I would have wondered about their sanity.

I have homeschooled through...
*the death of my 1st husband, 4 months after our first homeschooling year began
*almost 9 long years of being a single mom of 3
*an excruciatingly painful time with my oldest son that taxed us to the very limit
*my wonderful remarriage, moving to another state, and getting 4 new children
*questions, complaints, disparaging comments, etc. from people that don't understand
*3-4 very long years here in Miss. without supportive, understanding friends
*the blessing of bringing 2 of my "new children" home to homeschool

I am not a superwoman, I can't do it all, I am not perfect, but "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me" Philippians 4:13

We live, learn, laugh, cry, try hard, & experience successes and failures together. Then we get up and do it again the next day! And on and on and on!

Homeschooling is an incredible journey and I am blessed to have been on it for 14 years. We have got 4 fun, learning-filled years left till our youngest graduates from high school.
Homeschooling isn't for everyone. Its hard work. It takes getting used to having your children around 24/7/365.

But I guarantee if you start, you will be blessed beyond measure. You will get to know your precious children in a whole new way. You will share the joys of learning a new skill or concept. You will get the best part of their day. And, you will find a whole network of homeschooling families that will pray for you, help you and support you in every way!

Our family homeschool verse is...Proverbs 24:3 "By wisdom a house is built and by understanding it is established: by knowledge it rooms are fill with rare and beautiful treasures."


  1. Wonderful post Donna!! I too am having a terrible is difficult to say the least, and since I am just starting, I am trying to find the good parts!!

  2. Yesterday Shelby did something that made me respond in a way I could not have if I had not homeschooled her. It was important, but had she not been with me so much I would not have recognized it in her. Some moms who don't homeschool might argue with me, but there is a difference in how well you know your children when you spend all your days with them.

    It is a blessing and privilege I will forever be grateful for.

  3. Wow, Donna! I, too, never thought that I would homeschool my 2 children. I'm not the "teacher" type! I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world!


  4. Debra, the good parts are every day. Just slow down enough to see them! Your children have forever to "learn" everything you want to teach them, don't try to do it all too soon. PRAY about your day, your time, etc.

  5. My parents began homeschooling me and my brother in the late 80's. Friends and family thought we were crazy. Accused quite frequently of being "locked in the closet". I loved it and have nothing but the fondest memories of projects my mom would come up with. I do not reget never getting to go to prom and other school functions.


  6. Hey, Donna... Just catching up on blog reading. I'm glad you posted this. You know we've only been at this homeschooling thing for three months, but from the start, it has been a blessing. I don't know what trials lie in store for us over the years to come but seeing that you have made it through so many is an encouragement!

    I have had several people do the whole "I could never homeschool" thing, but I just absorb it because I used to be the one saying. I really felt like I could never. Sometimes, people mean it condescendingly and sometimes, they feel like they're not woman/mother enough. Whatever the reason for those statements, I really appreciate my friends who DON'T homeschool but DON'T try to justify why they don't. They're just supportive of me and encouraging to me. I know those to be true friends...


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