Monday, March 29, 2010

Monday Musings

Last week was a hard, difficult, sad, trying, busy week. My dear husband's first father-in-law passed away. We drove up to Memphis on Sunday so that the children could see him one last time and then he died on Tuesday afternoon. His 4 grandchildren, 3 children and wife are grieving his passing. He was a genuinely nice man and was always gracious and friendly to me. He will be missed.

Thursday we drove back to Memphis to help with some of the final details, start insurance filings, etc. Katie, Will and Amy did a wonderful job helping when needed and keeping themselves occupied at the other times. They were wonderfully brave and mature through the whole process.

Saturday was the funeral. Greg officiated the service and did an awesome job. He shared stories about Wallace and his own relationship with him. One statement he made in sharing and on facebook last week was "he may not have always agreed with our decisions, but he always supported us and had our backs". That was true. He was a supportive person. He also "wove" the gospel and Resurrection message into the service. You never know who is listening and what the state of their own salvation is. I hope this cleared up any questions that someone may have had.

Driving home on Saturday afternoon, we listened to hymns and praise music. My heart needed to hear this. The Lord is with us always.


  1. Donna, I'll pray for your family. In a book I'm reading about grief, the author says that death reveals what we really believe. Obviously, you and your family were able to show that you truly believe in Christ and the gospel even during a sad time. I know God was glorified in that...

  2. Not much to say after what Katie said, she said it well.

    We are praying for y'all, also. Izzy has been very concerned for the kids. Your friends are here and remembered you this week and how for you it was difficult in a different way, but just as real.

    Love you and glad you are back home, where you belong.

  3. I was saddened to hear of Wallace's passing. He was great and loving Grandfather to the kids. That's what I observed.


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