Monday, February 15, 2010

What a week!

Last Tuesday I posted about reading and listed lots & lots of books. And, I have been reading but sometimes reading is interupted by life and thats what happened last week. Life happened! Not necessarily a bad thing, in fact, none of it was bad, just busy.

Wed. morning we had a homeschool Leadership meeting. It started at 11:30 and ended at 3. These meeting seem to get longer as time goes on. We did pick a date for highschool graduation and cap & gown colors (royal blue & white). We still need a speaker, a venue, etc.

Thursday morning I had an incredible time with my daughters and a small group of Christian, homeschool girls at our first Keepers At Home meeting. We had it at my house. I had 9 girls, ages 5-16, gathered around my dining room table for a devotion, learning a craft (cross stitch) and fellowship. All the mama's got to come except one. We had a great time and are looking forward to the next one - next week. Most of our craft projects will be projects that can be entered in the State Fair in the fall. So we are comparing the Keepers book and the state fair book to cross-reference appropriate crafts. The Keepers at Home books focus on the girls learning to be godly wives, moms...Keepers at Home. All the moms agree that there are plenty of "messages" being sent to our young ladies about jobs and being working moms but not being stay at home moms and wives. We had a fantastic time with all of the moms helping with the craft and talking about their vision for their daughters!

And then on Friday, it happened! The big event of the last 50 years here in Mississippi. We got a whopping 5" of snow! This was the record snowfall since 1960! And, it was so beautiful. Katie, Amy and Will had a grand, cold time building their big snowman and trying to build a snowfort. Greg got to stay home from work, so we had an extra long Valentines weekend together. Don't those pool chairs look inviting?


  1. Love the pictures! Go Keepers!

    See you Wednesday.

  2. The Keepers of the Home sounds great!!! We would love to be a part of something like that. In fact, my husband was sitting next to me reading this post and got really excited when he read that. I think you are doing a WONDERFUL thing for these young girls! Blessings!


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