Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Let's go Krogering

I love bargains at the grocery store and I really love a generous grocery budget so that I can take advantage of all the grocery sales that I find. And some of these items are pure indulgence and not at all necessary for my menu's. Thats what makes it so fun!

This was an indulgent goodie for my children. Indulgent in that its not something I would normally buy, but the price was right. These sold everywhere at Christmas for $20, last week Kroger had it marked down to $10. I also had a $6 off your total purchase and $2.50 off your total purchase coupons so that made it $1.50! They have been wanting one just because it looked cool and now they have it! When I went back today, they were 75% off, so I got 2 more to use for birthday gifts this year! I also found some candy sprinkles on clearance to include as part of these gifts!

Indulgence #2 was the big Whitman Sampler Valentine Hearts for 75% off. We didn't NEED any, but I got them. 3 of them! I would have like to use coupons on these but I didn't have any!

Then came the Meat Managers Specials. Lately, I have been striking out in this dept. Someone has beat me to the good deals or there just haven't been any good deals. But today I hit the jackpot. I found 3-4 pound packages of ground beef for $1.11 a pound! I got every package (probably 6) then there were 2 more for $1.43 a pound and I got them too. A lady walked up as I was leaving and said "ohhhhh, is ground beef a good price", I just said yes and kept on walking. What was left was $2.03 a pound. I heard her say to another lady, this isn't a good deal. Wonder if they figured out that I had all the good deals in my cart? I was talking to Mom on the phone and she figured I would get mugged in the parking lot for my meat...didn't happen! And NO, I don't feel guilty for taking all the cheapest meat. Now I get to come up with 1000 ways to use ground beef...won't be a problem!

My last bargain to brag about is Oscar Mayer Lunchables for .78 each. I don't normally buy these but we can picnic on these on the way home from quilting tomorrow. We will add some of our 100% juice Capri Suns and I will have some happy campers on the way home instead of children starving!

Hope you are finding some super deals where you shop!!!!!

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