Saturday, February 6, 2010

The last 2 days

When ya had kids do you ever realize that its a 24/7 job till forever? Did ya ever realize how much these darling little blessings can capture your heart? Do you realize that no matter how old they are, they are still your baby? Do you cherish each and every "thanks Mom" & "love you too" & even "I need to talk". Do you realize that most of these moments are not things to be scheduled nor do they happen when you are well rested nor when you have time. Usually these moments happen when you are exhausted and busy. Its been that way, the past couple of days here.

#1 son James called at 2:30 am on Thursday. Told me he thought he had food poisoning. However, he ate at home on Wed. night and I know for a fact that chicken nuggets don't stay in his freezer long enough to go bad. I thought it was just a bug but told him to call me in the morning (meaning daylight), and told him what kind of over the counter med to take.

Thursday finds us starting school and laundry. So here is the sequence of events...
School starts
James calls and says he is going to the dr.
Dr. calls Greg and says to closely watch James, he thinks its his appendix
Greg and then James call me to talk about dr.
Allen comes in and needs to talk
James drags in and collapses on my sofa
We head out the door to get James's prescriptions
Notice that we desperately need gas
Drop off pres. and fill out paperwork cause its a new pharmacy
Call homeschool pres. and tell her we will be late for Senior Luncheon
Get gas at Kroger
Drive to Pearl for luncheon (turns out we are only 10 minutes late)
All of the above happened before noon!

Then drive to luncheon and have a great time.
Go to pharmacy to get 3rd degree about why I am picking up 26 yr. old sons prescriptions (its not the same gal that I talked to before)
Get home to find out he is still have intestinal problems.
Call dr. back about 3:30 and we decide to head to hospital
Call Greg & tell him, but it doesn't register with him asap what is happening
Get to hospital and admit James
they start iv
Pastor Jeff visits and prays
Greg takes K,W.&A pizza, eats with them
Radiology comes to get J and has him drink some nasty stuff before Cat Scan-big mistake it doesn't stay down
They decide to inject nuclear dye to look at his guts, by 7 he is back in the room - radiology is calling dr (they don't tell us anything)
At 7 Greg gets there and brings me dinner
And we sit there for the next 3 hours, knowing nothing
Between 9:30 and 10pm we start bugging the nurses for info (I didn't want to leave if they were about to do surgery) find out radiology didn't call dr.
Dr. calls the nurses station and her words are "Yes sir, his Mom is standing right here" (I figured if I just stood there, then maybe we would get something done-it worked)
He says he hasn't heard from radiology and he would track him down, even if he had to wake him up
We leave (only live 5 minutes away from hospital), on the way home Greg gets a call from the dr. saying its not his appendix its a massive infection causing his bowels to slow down & stop (gross)
Treatment is ivs and antibiotics
10:30 we collapse into bed

So how was your Thursday?

The name of the infection is ilieus (I think) and its when the lining of the intestines gets inflammed and they stop working. This usually happens to people after abdominal surgeries but in his case it just happened. Since they don't know what caused it, he doesn't know what to avoid to prevent it from happening again.

Friday I sat up there all day (9-5) and watched him sleep and eat popsicles, the only thing they would let him have. We watched 3 hours of FOX news and then Beverly Hillbillies and I Dream of Jeannie and "In Harms Way" with John Wayne.

I came home about 5:15 to see my family and eat the delicious Spaghetti Dinner my friend Angela brought us. Sure was yummy and I didn't have to bother about cooking. Spent a couple of hours watching tv with the kiddos and then crashed in the bed.

This morning, we found out the x-rays showed the ilieus was gone and they released James to come home. He stayed here a couple of hours and then decided to drive up to his place...probably wanted some peace and quiet. Ya know, ya don't get much rest in the hospital.

I am very thankful this didn't happen last week. At least I was here to take him to the hospital and annoy the staff for answers. I am thankful that the antibiotics cleared it up and really thankful that he has health insurance!

Like I said in the first paragraph, being a parent is a 24/7 job forever. I wouldn't trade it for anything!


  1. Oh Donna, I did know. Rosanna let us know. I was praying for James and for you and the family. Sorry I was too ill to be there, but my heart and mind was with you. So glad he is better.

    So it never goes away, huh? I had a feeling about that.

    Love you all!

  2. ummm, wow. That did make for an eventful time. Hope this week has been less chaotic.


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