Monday, January 18, 2010

Marvelous Monday!

Today was a marvelous Monday. First of all, Greg was off work today! I really could get used to 3 day weekends. We slept a little later than normal and then started our busy day.

Monday is laundry day and since it was warm & beautiful outside, I hung a couple of loads outside on the clothes line. The rest got dried/or are drying in the dryer. Laundry is a chore I really don't mind doing. And I do like hanging the clothes on the clothes line. I love to take advantage of the sun and wind.

Greg decided to cut down some little trees that we have been wanting to get rid of. He put his chain saw into action and got busy. Some of the pieces got put in our "fire pit" stack and the branches got hauled to the street. He got 3 trees cut and the garbage men have a big stack to haul away.

Then he and I went out for a lunch date and ran some errands. He dropped me off at Hancock Fabrics to take advantage of some sales and he went to Office Depot. Hancocks is really annoying me these days...they had some Novelty Cotton Fabric advertised for 50% off. The lady told me it wasn't on sale and I had to prove it with my ad (good thing I remembered to take it), the exact print was shown on the ad and she grudgingly gave the discount on that piece, then she didn't want to do the sale on the 2nd piece. (what a run-on sentence) Finally, I got out of there with my 2 sale piece fabrics and 4 patterns. But, you would have thought I was trying to rob the store. And I only bought 2 - pieces, 1/2 yard each, not a huge quantity. We really need a JoAnn's in Miss., then I wouldn't even fool with Hancocks.

Next was mulch buying at Home Depot. Greg and the kids got 10 bags of mulch spread behind the RV and around all the leyland cypress bushes. We got several flower beds raked out (and even found 3 little snakes, yuck)!

We are planning our garden boxes and trying to figure out how to arrange everything. It'll all be great when its done but we've got lots of planning and more work to do. I would love to plant enough green beans and squash to preserve for over the winter and not have to buy any at the store. And we are planting more cucumbers and bell peppers for our pickle relish that we all love. Then theres the tomatoes, peppers, sunflowers, corn, hot peppers, etc.

Greg and the girls fixed our dinner tonight. The girls fixed baked potatoes & green beans. Greg grilled us steaks on his new grill. Yummy and I didn't have to do any dinner prep or clean up!

Hope everyone had a Marvelous Monday, I know I did!


  1. Sorry you have to put up with Hancocks but so do I. I got some pretty green upholstery fabric for 50% off and am going to recover chair seats from a 1950's dining table. It will be cute when finished. I do not know why they are grumpy in Hancocks but they are at my Hancocks too!

  2. Maybe its a rule to be grumpy! They don't hire perky people!


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