Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Getting ready to Go!

This was my day to get school done, finish the laundry, and get completely packed.

School got done
Last laundry is in the washer

We are almost packed. We keep thinking of things we need to take. Being the cooks, Greg & I want to take some of our knives and spices and stuff to use down there. Which means, getting the stuff in the suitcases. We can each have 1 suitcase, weighing no more than 50 pounds. Greg's weighs 45 right now. Katie's is 30 and mine is 35. He has got extra stuff in his already for us to use for the week. The additional stuff we find will go into mine and Katie's. Need to make extra copies of the passports. And be ready to drive to GA at 8am.

We had a few distractions from our ready-ing today. One was a trip to the dentist for teeth cleaning. Everyone is in the No Cavity Club for this 6 months! Yippee!

I did a little reading on the internet about Honduras. I did find that the median income per year is $1,800 or so dollars. And I believe the website also said they were the poorest country in this hemisphere. I will have pictures when we get back.

There is an internet cafe across from our hotel so I can check in with Mom and Amy and Will and they can email me too. I don't know if we can get into the blogs or onto Facebook, but we will probably try!

Its gonna be a great week! I pray the Lord prepares the hearts of the Hondurans that will be coming to the medical clinics and hearing the gospel message. I am praying for safety for the folks traveling to the clinics and for our team as they travel around. I am praying for safety for Greg & I as we walk the streets of El Progresso buying food for our team meals (remember red lights are just a suggestion down there).

Speaking of traffic lights etc., Greg reminded me about the car horns. You should always honk your horn when driving. And just lay on the horn when you blast through the intersection on a red light...guess thats to call attention to the fact you just ran the light!

Gotta finish packing!

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