Sunday, January 17, 2010

Images from Honduras

When the town wakes up every morning...the sliding doors open up over the store fronts & the tables of goods are set up on the sidewalks. Two or three generations of families work together to make money.There are many cars in El Progresso, but you will also see horses and carts. This driver and horse are taking a Siesta in the shade, trying to beat the heat in the middle of the day. There are also lunch carts that go out everyday on the streets selling hotdogs, chips, drinks, nachos, etc.
Beautiful children at the church. I gave 2 or 3 children packets of cookies and they went to find their friends. Good thing I had lots of cookies! Sweets bridge the language barrier! And digital cameras are a wonderful thing...they love to see the pictures that I take and everyone gets really excited to see themselves!
According to the "locals" if you don't protect and guard your homes, churches, etc. , others will think you don't care about your possessions and will help themselves. Bars, razor wire, etc. are common sites on the more affluent homes.
The medical teams suitcases full of medication, vitamins, etc. to take to the clinics where they will be working. The medical teams consist of general doctors, dentists, optometrists, pharmacy and evangelism. The dentist will pull about 30 teeth a day, be comes back at night exhausted.
These are pictures from 3 years ago. I'll take lots when we go this year! Can't wait to share about our adventures and how the Lord works during the week. We will drive to Atlanta on Thursday and get up bright & early on Friday morning to get to Atlanta Airport. The flight is between 4 & 5 hours. Looking forward to Friday!


  1. Have lots of fun! Your post reminds me of the mission trip I went on years ago to the Dominican Republic. Good memories!

  2. It is humbling to see the area and realize how much we have. Especially, last Friday's post on the food and people going through the trash.


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