Friday, December 18, 2009

Frugal Friday Post - Staying Home

This time of year there are so many places to go, things to see, sales to hit & people to visit. Everything is vying for our attention and our money. For the next week, folks will be frantically shopping, wrapping, planning and strategizing how to get it all done. Christmas comes every year on December 25, its not a surprise to anyone, so how come folks leave everything till the last minute? The best bargains are found when you shop around and plan ahead.

Starting today, we will be celebrating 4 birthdays in 7 days. James turns 26 today, Rob & Andy turn 22 on Monday and our Lord's birthday is Friday! What a great week! Greg is taking us all out to eat dinner at Backyard Burger tonight (last time we all went out was in Sept. for my b'day, not a frugal night but a fun family night)

We are staying home for Christmas this year. So the next week will be full of cooking, celebrating, playing games, doing crafts, reading books, eating goodies, watching movies, wrapping gifts, and keeping Christmas secrets. None of these cost anything.

So many people have forgotten what fun you can have at home, they constantly want to go, go, go and be entertained. Many people wander around shopping malls buying stuff they don't need and can't afford because they are bored (I used to be one of them). Then what really gets me, is folks who plan all kinds of activities, play dates, movie mornings etc. when their kids are out of school because the kids will be bored and they don't want to fool with them.

So here are some ideas for things to do when you are at home.....
1. Play a board game. We like blokus, monopoly, scrabble, yahtzee & dominoes.
2. Cook a special treat. Right now in your pantry, you probably have the ing. for cookies, or brownies or a cake.
3. Watch a Christmas movie or tv special together.
4. Listen to Christmas music.
5. Play a game system together...Wii, Nintendo, Play Station. I don't play these too much but I do love the Wii bowling (I used to bowl on a league in my younger days).
6. Make christmas cards, gift tags etc. Construction/scrapbook paper, stickers and markers are great things to make holiday cards.
7. Pop popcorn & drink hot chocolate, nice & cosy!
8. Attend church together: wonderful message, great music!
9. Turn everything off and read a good book.
10. Enjoy your family while they are still young. Our kids are 26, 21, 21, 20, 16, 15, & 13. Believe me, they grow up too fast!

Have yourself a merry, joy filled, stressfree, family fun Christmas!

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  1. those are some great suggestions. It even works when they have all their friends over too.

  2. Yes, Christmas is the time we stay home the most. We love it. Thanks for the great ideas and Merry Christmas Mississippi Mama!


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