Friday, December 18, 2009

26 Years Ago

26 years ago, at 8:54pm, I became a Mom for the very first time! James Steven McDaniel arrived on the scene with a tiny bit of blonde hair and big blue eyes. It was love at first sight! What a perfect Christmas gift!

I remember holding him for hours and just looking at his little face. Well, when I could get him away from his Granny & Grandaddy Bill. My daddy was thrilled to have a boy to take fishing and out in the woods! They had a really special relationship.

We didn't hold James for long though...he started walking at about 9 1/2 months. I remember sitting in his bedroom floor and he toddled out of the room, then came back, waved and kept on walking. He hasn't slowed down since.

On his 1st birthday, Mom & I took him to see Santa. I ended up sitting on Santa's lap with James in my lap to take a picture. On his 2nd birthday, we took him again and James wouldn't get anywhere near him. I told Santa it was James' birthday and Santa got everyone in line to sing the Happy Birthday song.....he was James' friend then and he happily went to sit on Santa's knee so I could get the picture.

So a big, loving Happy Birthday to my oldest child! I love you James!

The above picture was taken at my birthday in Sept., I made James take off his UGA hat because we were in a restaraunt...he was reaching for it to plop back on his head. The only time he doesn't wear it is in church, other than that its pretty much on his head!

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  1. Happy Birthday James! Hope your 27th year is the best yet!


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