Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Thankful for my Husband

I am so very Thankful that the Lord blessed my life with Gregory Jackson! He is the best husband in the whole world!

He provides for our family, generously and abundantly. He is my "Dave Ramsey" geek & budgets, saves, and spends to indulge my wishes!

I love to spend time with him, just be in the room with him. I have even listened to his classes on engineering (on the computer) for his Masters Degree. I don't have a clue what the professor is talking about, but I'm still there!

I love to spend time with him in Honduras as cooks for our Mission Team. We have so much fun "shopping" and walking the streets of El Progresso. This is the week that he is the cook and I am the assistant. We have found some wonderful bakeries full of delicious sweets on our 3 - 5 mile walks everyday during the week!

I love to watch him and help when he creates the light extravaganza for our churchs Christmas musical production every year. Until I sat and watched him program these songs, I had no idea the work that went into each one. He loves doing this and can make those lights dance in time to the music.

I love to watch him interact with all the children, especially Amy. I didn't know that you could "catch" a sense of humor, but Amy has caught Greg's. She is becoming a little Greg and can hold her own with him. She is truly his daughter & several times a day he will say, "thats my girl". James & Allen are also very close with him and many times will confide in him before I ever know there is a problem. He is a blessing is their lives, they all really needed a Dad! And he is great with Katie, Will, Andy & Rob. It takes a special guy to be a great Daddy to 7 kids.

Greg is a great handy man and works on a number of projects for my Mom almost every trip to GA. She usually has a list and he tries his best to accomplish it. Will is becoming his apprentice in the projects both at Mom's & our own house.

He is everything and so much more than I ever dreamed of. I thank the Lord daily for this special man he placed in my life!

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