Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Thankful for our Brave Men & Women

I am so Thankful for the brave Men & Women who sacrificed everything for our country. From the beginnings of our great country to the present.

I cannot imagine leaving my homeland and taveling to a new land knowing that I would never see my family again. And not really knowing what waited on the other side of the "big water". Was the earth really round or were we going to fall off the edge? How would you pack or prepare when you don't know what to prepare for? What would you consider important enough to take or insignificant enough to leave behind? Would I even have the courage to leave everything and everyone and set off on this great adventure.

I love to study History through Literature with the children because we get to read some of the writings of the men & women who did just as I described above. These are not dry, boring books but History come alive books that tell of their struggles with leaving their own countries, of their longing for religious freedom and escape from the state church/religion, & of wanting to make their own way in the world for them and their children. They wanted more for their families and they were willing to do whatever it took to achieve this.

I also want my children to learn non-politically correct history. This country was founded on Christian principals by Christian Men. The United States of America is a Christian Nation. The founding Fathers of this great land were Christians. One of the battle cries during the Revolutionary War was "No King but King Jesus".

And on a side you know what the phrase "seperation of Church & State" really means? Its not what everyone is spouting all the time now. It means that the State will not have a State Church (such as the Church of England). And thats it. Sounds alot different from what we hear in the news now! All of the early colleges including Princeton & Harvard were Seminaries, training men to preach and carry the Word of God to the far reaches of the new land. The intention was never to take church out of government, but to take government out of church. Things have certainly gotten twisted around in the last several hundred years.

I am thankful for the Men & now Women who are in the Military. Their service and dedication is amazing. They are helping to protect our country and helping others around the world to enjoy some of the same freedoms that we enjoy. Some have made the ultimate sacrifice and given their lives for our country. Thank You to the military, both past & present.

God Bless the USA!

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