Monday, November 23, 2009

Thankful for Children

I am so thankful the Lord continues to bless the world with children. I love them! Cute little babies with chubby cheeks & dimples...who can resist their drooly smiles! Toddlers running pell-mell to the next adventure (or disaster). Preschoolers who scribble impossible to decipher pictures and "read" you their stories. Early readers who read you the same book over & over! Watching the lightbulb turn on when one of them understands a math concept. Preteens & young teens who are trying to decide if they want to be grown ups or kids. Teenagers with their first jobs and earning paychecks. Praying fervently for my children the first time they drive away...alone! Boo Hooing at the graduations of my oldest children. Watching my little girls turn into young ladies. Parenting is a 24/7/365 proposition.

There are 7 children that are very special to me! Mine! James is 25. Andy & Rob are 21. Allen is 20. Katie is 16. Will is 15 & Amy is 13. I love my children and pray that the Lord will always be their "guiding light" and "anchor in a storm". These 7 blessings are all unique personalities and have varying interests. Our house is full & lively when all 7 are home. And they can put away some groceries! I look forward to college breaks & holidays when they will all be home. When we are blessed with grandchildren , my cup will runeth over!

There are 12 more children that have a special place in my neices, Becky, Megan, Bethany & Samantha. And my nephews Matthew, Brian, Billy, Ben, Bobby, Charlie, Ben Scott & Drew. Our families have been blessed with some great children~


  1. I know the VA kids are very thankful for their MS family. We love you.

  2. Love you too! Wish we lived closer together, once a year is too long! I haven't heard Ahhhhnt Donna in a while!


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