Friday, November 20, 2009

Thankful for Household Conveniences

OK, this will be a different post but something to make you think about household items you may take for granted. Ma Ingalls didn't have these goodies to work with in her home each day.....

I am thankful for.....

*Indoor Plumbing ~ pretty much self explanatory!

*Central Heat & Air ~ I thoroughly enjoy both expecially the air conditioning in the very hot Mississippi summer.

*Washer & Dryer ~ with 2 adults & 7 offpspring, these get used alot. Which also leads me into thankfulness for the homemade laundry detergent recipe because we have saved a bundle of money making our own! And my clothesline (yeah, Ma Ingalls had one of these), it gets lots of use on the hot summer days and keeps the house cooler not running the dryer as much.

*Television, Tivo, DVD & VHS players ~ There are some tv shows that we watch but the Tivo is great because we can fast forward through commercials. The kids and I use the DVD & VHS player daily. We watch lots of movies and old tv show series...Little House & The Waltons, how to videos on gardening, herbs, candle making, canning, sewing, etc, and our collection of Christmas movies.

*Sewing Machine/Embroidery Machine ~ fun, practical, creative toys (I didn't start sewing till 8 years I love it)

*Refrigerators/Freezers ~ Wonderful appliances for keeping food cold or storing/freezing bulk purchases. I love to find meat on sale and stock up...right now I've meat to take home & store from the Kroger 4 day meat sale here in GA!

*Oven ~ up until Jan. of this year, I had a tiny oven, definately too small for someone who loves to cook and cooks & bakes from scratch most of the time. Greg bought me a new stove with a convection oven and flat top cooking surface. It is wonderful to be able to bake multiple pans of cookies, muffins, or whatever at the same time.

*Dishwasher ~ the girls are very thankful for this appliance, they are my clean up crew!

*Wheat Grinder/Kitchen Aid Mixer/Wand Blender ~ The wheat grinder produces beautiful whole wheat flour. The only drawback is its so loud, but we can deal with it! Mixer if great for just about everything. My current kitchen aid mixer is about 16 years old and still going strong...when it retires itself (dies), I have picked out its replacement. Greg bought me the wand blender for Christmas last year. We have had a lot of fun with it...makes great mashed potatoes, blends down potatoes in my potato soup, and recently I used it in my homemade hot chocolate mix, it made a fine powder that dissolves easily in hot water!

*Mattress ~ So ultra comfy. Ma Ingalls had to stuff hers with straw or hay. I prefer my tempur-pedic!

*Radio, CD Player, CD's ~ We love music, its great to have it available at the flip or push of a button. We have listened to lots of the Adventures in Odssey CD's and historical & Christian home CD's from Vision Forum. Greg ordered us some more CD's from VF last night.

*Books ~ I love books. Fiction, novels, cookbooks, how to books, homemaking books, raising Godly children books, etc. However, if I could only have 1 book it would be my Bible. The Lord has the answers to all my questions about living, being a wife & mother, and following & obeying him! But I am tremendously thankful for my other books also.

*Computers ~ We can visit with people all over the country/world, look up information on anything (sometimes I think too much info is not a good thing), blog, Facebook, email, get new recipes, quilt patterns, etc.

I am sure that there are many things I am forgetting! I do thank the Lord for the household blessings he has allowed in my life and for my generous husband for providing these for me~

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  1. Love the computer and having music at such easy access anytime anywhere beats the old stereo. The ac is a favorite too (We learned that in Europe however "cool" has a different meaning than here.)


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