Thursday, November 19, 2009

Thankful for Friends

I am very thankful for the friends the Lord has placed in my life. Friends come in many shapes, sizes & ages, they live in different states, they accept you for who you are & love you anyway~

I've got internet friends that I may never meet this side of eternity. I have found them "blog surfing" and am intrigued by their lives and lifestyles. We don't agree on everything but they will never know that I don't agree. Why comment on someones blog or Facebook post and be disagreeable? If you don't agree...then just stop reading their blogs, easy peasy solution.

I've got homeschooling Mom friends. It would be hard for a non-homeschool mom to sympathize, empathize or encourage and homeschool Mom. I said hard...not impossible. Sometimes you just need someone to say "that happened to me and this is what I did". We can talk for hours about unit studies, notebooking, history curriculums, etc. All while curled up on the couch with the kids running in and out and having a wonderful time together. What an awesome support!

I've got friends that I've had for years, several that I grew up with (in fact some of our parents grew up together too). These are friends that KNOW you, know your background, your mama & daddy, and are there for you & your family through thick and thin, sickness & health, etc. Since all the friends in this category live in GA, Facebook has been a wonderful way to reconnect with them!

Then there is my crafting friends. We talk about quilt patterns, smocking, sewing, scrapbooking, and whatever else catches our fancy. We shop at JoAnns, Walmart, Hobby Lobby or Hancocks for fabric, laces, threads etc. We share scrapbook paper and stickers. We laugh and cry together as something sparks a memory of a joyful or painful time in our lives.

There is a special group of Christian friends. They have been fellow church members, bible study participants, prayer partners, listeners, encouragers, & cheerleaders. They have supported my family and I through sickness, death, & discouragement over life changing decisions my children have made. They love me & my children (even though they know us)! They thoroughly and enthusiastically rejoiced when the Lord brought Greg & I together. They helped plan the wedding, serve at the reception, and cried when we said "I Do". They have blessed my life beyond comprehension.

The last group of friends is the most special to me. They are truly friends in every sense of the word. They are there for me in any and every situation. They didn't run when things got tough with one of my children 8 years ago. In fact, they understand more of what I went through than that child. They love me and my children. They pray for me and encourage me beyond anything I have ever experienced. This last group of friends is also named "My Family". I love you all and hope that I can bless your lives as much as you have blessed mine.

Praise the Lord for friends!


  1. Hope I'm in one of those good groups. I love you and miss you! Take care of your mom and y'all hurry home.

    Love, Rie

  2. Definately! You are in more than 1 of the groups. I miss ya'll too! I am getting alot of sewing done, in between nursing! Tonight some of Mom's buddies are coming to babysit and bring her dinner. The kids and I are going out to eat and going to JoAnns!

  3. And I am sure all your friends and family are thankful for you too.

  4. I praise the Lord for your friendship and yes, I too rejoiced at your wedding!So glad the Lord has blessed your new life together.


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