Friday, October 2, 2009

It Is Finished!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well, I can't believe it but ALL of our fair entries are finished and ready to go get checked in.
Here is what we have accomplished.....

1 oil painting
1 jar green tabasco type sauce
1 jar green chili salsa
1 jar pickled jalapeno peppers
set of wooden lighthouse salt & pepper shakers

1 wooden pirate ship
1 football goal post
1 decoupaged clipboard
1 small oil painting
painted ceramic football bank

1 machine quilted quilt
cross stitch butterfly picture
y0-y0 pillow
tote bag
decoupage clip board
snowman napkin holder
flower pot holder
cross stitch ornament
strawberry jam
canned green beans
painted ceramic hippopatomus

1 hand quilted quilt
y0-y0 pillow
nautical cross stitch
tote bag
decopauge clip board
flower pot holder
cross stitch ornaments (3)
peach jam
painted ceramic piggy bank
knit scarf
oil painting
cross stitch jelly bean jar

red, white, blue rag quilt
"craft" rag quilt
Cross stitch tractor
cross stitch tropical drinks
Hand-beaded ornaments framed (6)
4 christmas ornaments
2 smocked jumpers
1 smocked Bishop dress
rag quilt tote bag
machine quilted tote bag
cross stitch Santa picture
strawberry jelly
peach jam
sweet tomato/peach/onion salsa
sweet pickle relish
decoupage clip board

We have been busy, busy, busy!

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