Monday, May 14, 2018

Disney Tickets

Last year I was cleaning out a drawer and found a neat bit of Disney History ~ I had one of the old coupon ticket books with some tickets still in it.  My tickets include an A, 2 D's and an E.  E tickets were highly sought after, so I don't know how we have one all these years later!  

But so much has changed~

Wading thru the options of Disney tickets is not as daunting as it sounds.  For Walt Disney World, a one day ticket gets you into one park for the day ~ either Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, or Epcot.  My opinion ~ if you only had one day, and you had children with you...go to Magic Kingdom.  Your children will be able to ride, see a parade or two, meet a character and have a magical day.

Ticket price breakdowns are 1. under 3 years old is free (all 3 of my original kids have been for free ~ Amy was the youngest, the week she turned a year old), 3-9 is the next price, then 10 and up.  I personally think there should be a fourth one for older folks who may not or will not ride the crazy stuff but no one has taken me up on this suggestion yet.

You can buy tickets for the length of your stay for each member of your party.  1-however many days.  You can add the option of park hopper, where you go to more than one park in a day.  You can add a water park option.  With each day over one added to your ticket, the per price day goes down.  And I believe Florida residents have a whole different price structure.

There are also different annual passes. The pass Greg and I bought is able to be used from the day we first used it, to 364 days later.  The year doesn't start counting down until you use it for the first time.  Ours is for all 4 parks, the memory maker photo pass, new magic bands, parking pass (now $22 per day) and includes a discount in select restaurants and shopping.  I am excited to see at the end of the year, how many days we actually used it and then see our cost per day (I am such a nerd that way).  

We also found out there is a price break when you renew your annual pass ~ I think this applies 60 days before your expiration date and 30 days afterwards.  The discount is 15%.  Which is a significant savings for 2 adults. AND there is an annual passholder gate at each park, you don't have to stand in the lines.  A detail we didn't know until our next to the last day.  

We had to order our magic bands and they came in the mail quickly.  These are already linked to our account.

And what is a magic band?  The magic band takes the place of the plastic, credit card sized, admission card to the parks.  You get in the gates by placing your magic band on the scanner and your finger for your finger print.  If you lose your band, no one else can use it for admission as its linked to your finger print.  Setting up a My Disney Experience account (there is an app for that), allows you to link all to your magic band ~ you can get fast passes for rides or shows, link a credit card if you are staying on property, link your photo pass for character shots, photographers on the streets or pictures during rides.  

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I am just writing this for information for anyone who needs it.  We are in no way affiliated with Disney World or any travel agent.  Just sharing tips for trips to the Happiest Place on Earth!

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