Thursday, November 3, 2016

Wedding Wednesday

Big News~

We found a venue ~ we all love it ~ Granny, Amy and I went yesterday and booked it!  The wedding will be on a Sunday ~ mainly because they book 13 months out and every Saturday is booked in the fall.

This area is 120 ft long.  It will be our ceremony area!

We love the beautiful details and craftsmanship in this building.  The park is the oldest state park in the nation.  The stone pavilion where we will have the ceremony was built during FRD's administration by the CCC.  Amy is sitting in one of the wide window cut outs.  We saw a wedding party here a couple of weeks ago and they had large potted mums in the window sills ~ beautiful. 

We did opt for a date in October.  And we rented another "inside" building for the reception/party afterwards....just in case of wet or windy, cold weather.

I goggled GA State Parks and then searched for ones with wedding venues.  As soon as I saw this beautiful building I knew it was the one ~ I showed it to Amy and in her words "this is it"!  Austin and his parents haven't seen it in person but they loved the pictures.

Before I searched, I had never heard of this park or even heard of the town it was located in ~ turns out, its 1 hour and 1 minutes from our home!!  Now that is cool.

The out of town guests ~ or guests that just want to stay the weekend can tent camp, rv camp, rent a cabin or stay in one of the hotels  minutes away.  We opted for the cabin stay.

*We were in Mississippi last weekend and spent Saturday shopping with Austin and his family.  They found what the groomsmen will wear and then set up a wedding registry at Belk.  Things are progressing right along! 

The next 12 months will go by pretty quickly!

Thankful for ~

a beautiful venue
an excited bride and groom
fun times together
another item checked off the "to do" list

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