Saturday, November 12, 2016

Its Finally Here!

We have waited a long time for fall....and  its finally here.

Sweaters,  socks,  quilts, hot drinks, crunchy leaves to walk in, warm bowls of soup, snuggling under the covers, cozy nights at home.

We haven't had any rain in about a month.  Its very dry.  We are getting smoke from the N. Carolina wild fires.  So some days it isn't pleasant to be outside.

With fall came the presidential election ~  I will just say ~ I didn't think either candidate was the best either party had to offer.  But the election and its results are over.  The looting, rioting, crying college students, etc. is childish and a complete waste of time.  Get over it and move on.  Only one could win. 

While the blogging is slowing down, life is moving along at a rapid pace. 

We are wedding planning and starting to craft.  Greg is working on his 2nd sermon for church ~ to be given the Sunday before Christmas.  We are gearing up for Thanksgiving ~ excited for my Marine nephew to be here for the holiday.  Packed our shoeboxes for Operation Christmas Child last week with my mom, sister, niece and Amy.  Greg is redoing the office into a huge walk in closet with an office corner ~ pictures coming!  Amy signed up to sell Jamberry Nails ~ super cute nail wraps ~ another post on that coming. 

So lots going on and tons to be thankful for!

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  1. We just moved to Utah.I was expecting cooler weather, only to find out they are having above normal temps.


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